Saturday, February 21, 2009

Confirmed: Blackberry Handsets From Telenor Pakistan

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We have discussed before about Telenor going Blackberry, for which we are still waiting – but today we are going to disclose blackberry devices that Telenor will offer after its launch. So note down handsets and their models

-BlackBerry Perl Flip 8220
-Blackberry Perl 8120
-BlackBerry Curve 8900
-BlackBerry Curve 8320
-BlackBerry Bold 9000

Apparently, Telenor has got the same package as of Ufone and Warid from Blackberry with similar number of handset and models.
By the way, Telenor got little late in announcing Blackberry Services, that’s maybe due to 789 thing or their Persona Campaign. But soon we gonna see things rolling on from Telenor’s end.

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Sajjad said...

I currently have a Curve 8310 (from Mobilink) and am thinking of upgrading to the 8900. If Telenor has better packages than Maybelink, then will definitely consider shifting to it.


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