Friday, February 20, 2009

In-flight roaming service by Ufone l

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KARACHI (February 20 2009): To enable all its valued post-paid customers to enjoy roaming service while travelling by air, Ufone, has introduced in-flight roaming service on Emirates flights from Middle East to Asia, Europe and USA. This convenient new service from Ufone is exclusively available for all post-paid customers having international roaming service provisioned on their subscriptions.

For the provision of this useful service, Ufone has partnered with AeroMobile, the most renowned Norwegian in-flight SMS and voice service provider of the world with exclusive voice and SMS service rights on Emirates Airlines.
Emirates Airlines has installed the latest equipment to support this service on 30 selected aircrafts including B 777, A 340 and world's largest air carrier the A 380. Now all Ufone post-paid subscribers flying at an altitude of 10,000 plus feet can remain in contact with their near and dear ones while travelling through Emirates from Middle East to Asia, Europe and USA.-PR

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