Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Warid...Life ka network or dead network

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By Sohaib hassan

Today we saw that telecommunication companies offering various types of offer which include lowest call rates or different types of services specially the last month and this month is totally dedicated to the advertising campaign e.g, Ufone was playing with marketing tools, Zong had also got new rates offer, Mobilink(Jazz) was also busy in improving courage and call rates and also advertising their offers. Telenor launched Persona with new services.That was quiet a busy month but if we realize that someone is very silent who was that...................

It was a warid telecom what they are thinking i don't know but may be they have some marketing strategies or some thing else but inspite of all things the first thing for the company was the confidence and satisfaction of their customers, No one wanted to shake the satisfation of their customers but Warid got a great heart and ignorance ability they didn't offering any services in last two months.But they still have decent customers and ranking which is very strange.

One thing is also very noticible that warid was always very weak if we came to media advertising specially in sindh but any how Warid telecom is a one of the great and growing Networks in Pakistan.

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