Sunday, March 1, 2009

Microsoft aims to deploy two premiere servers …

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ISLAMABAD (February 28 2009): In the wake of global crunch and financial meltdown, Microsoft Pakistan has introduced solutions aimed primarily at the business segment. Under the initiative, Microsoft aims to deploy end-to-end server solutions which will enhance business efficiency through provision of a virtual work environment and also allow firms cost-savings as against stand-alone products.
Under the campaign Microsoft will be marketing two of its premiere server products Essential Business Server (EBS) and Small Business Server (SBS), catering to medium and small scale organisations in Pakistan.
"Most mid-size businesses need to reduce complexity of their IT infrastructure; protect their business assets and increase employee impact and effectiveness", said Shahzad Khan Manager OEM Business, Microsoft Pakistan. He further said "technology that is familiar and easy to use can play an important role in helping businesses improve productivity and adapt to, even capitalise on, competition and economic uncertainty"
While informing the partners about the challenges and risks faced in the current environment, he emphasised on ways through which SMEs can reduce costs and compete with software to improve efficiency, reliability and flexibility. The EBS and SBS servers are based on groundbreaking innovations that dramatically simplify the deployment, ongoing management, and use of server technology. Microsoft has strategically introduced a family of server solutions designed to suit the varying needs of different businesses thereby allowing SMEs to choose and select the server that best suits their own unique needs.
Addressing the participants on the Launch, Fareed Mohammed Khan, Engagement Manager Microsoft Enterprise Services for Pakistan & Afghanistan commented: "Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) employ 90% of the world's workforce and account for more than 50% of GDP world-wide. The EBS and the SBS have been specifically designed and priced for SMEs to ensure less complexity, greater control and growth of business capacity."
Now, with Windows Small Business Server (SBS) and Essential Business Server (EBS) 2008, Small and mid-sized businesses have a tailor made server with key software integrated in one product. Not only does the component software come at a substantial savings over comparable stand-alone products, the simplicity of the server license and CAL licensing are cost-saving and efficient. -PR

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