Monday, March 30, 2009

NTC gets landmark achievements in 2008 …

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ISLAMABAD (March 30 2009): The National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) achieved major accomplishments during the year 2008. The development and commissioning of the project is indeed a milestone for the corporation and will bring numerous advantages. The approved budget cost is Rs 88 millions and project is under provisional acceptance testing at present and will be commercialised in next one month.

The connectivity of ministries on Fiber Optics plan was undertaken to support the IT enablement and e-governance policy of the government. The Optical Fiber-based connectivity has been planed in Islamabad for 46 Ministries. Out of the 46, connectivity has been established in 16 ministries whereas work on reaming 30 ministries is near completion and will be commissioned in next two months.
This will improve the data service access between the ministries and the quality of service as a whole. Time saving and efficient working will be added advantages of the project. Under the establishment of new exchanges project, three new telephone exchanges have been operationalised for designated customers and government offices. The infrastructure and presence of NTC is expanded to small cities of Jhang and Charsadda.
In the province of Balochistan, a new exchange has been established recently at Brewery Road Quetta to meet the telecom needs of government subscribers and departments. In respect of the expansion in Broadband Ports to extend data and DSL services, 2200 ports have been enhanced since March, 2008 and the data network is being expanded at a fast pace to meet the requirement of government offices and departments.
As per the data provided by the NTC, another 5500 broadband ports will be added to the existing capacity of data network during the year 2009. The Provision and Installation of Video Conferencing at six important sites is a PSDP-funded project undertaken by the NTC with CAPEX of Rs 32 million. The project is aimed at achieving good governance, time saving and facilitate working at higher platform. Video conference facility has been provided to Economic Affairs division and Ministry of Finance.
The video conferencing facility is planned to be extended to all the provincial Chief Secretaries by June, 2009, subject to release of funds. The expansion of 8504 lines in Switch base is another endeavour undertaken by the NTC. Since March, 2008, the NTC has increased its switching-base from 1,38,127 lines to 1,46,637 lines. This has been enhanced by deploying 12 Optical Network units (ONUs) and by adding 4670 ports or lines to existing digital exchanges.

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