Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PTA Directs PTCL to Send Detailed, Itemized Bills

Pin It Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed PTCL to send detailed and itemized list of all calls in monthly bills. It maybe recalled that PTCL had decided to deliver monthly bills on a single page, without itemized call details, leaving customers with no details of their usage.
PTCL sent one paged bill last month, on which PTA got plenty of complaints and concerns from PTCL Customers.
Source close to PTA high officials confirmed us that authority has directed PTCL to send detailed bills to avoid any confusion and discomfort of PTCL customers. Source further revealed that PTA has asked PTCL to enhance 1217 services. Reportedly, in its note to PTCL, regulator has shows its concern over dropping numbers of PTCL customers. PTA has asked PTCL to keep customers satisfied in order to regain its position in the market.
We could not confirm this
news from PTCL spokesman.

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