Monday, March 23, 2009

PTCL EasyLearning

Pin It PTCL launced this services many weeks ago but it is not common due to the lack of advertisment by PTCL which is very offsense but any way i have a information for the learner
which is given below

Improve Your Skills. Discover New Work Opportunities.
The more skills you have, the more opportunities you will have in life. PTCL Learning Campus helps you improve your skills through convenient, affordable e-learning. In addition, all easyLearning graduates automatically qualify to become a Serebra Connect Pro, enabling you to earn money through Serebra Connect -- a new outsourcing website that lets you find work online.

Choose from 1500+ easyLearning courses

easyLearning is a respected e-learning program that delivers more than 1500 affordable, certification-level IT, desktop and professional development courses through the Web, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere for a fraction of the cost of class-based training.

Earn money as a Serebra Connect Pro

easyLearning courses not only provide you with new skills that improve your prospects in life, but also give you free access to hundreds of work opportunities posted by businesses worldwide on Serebra Connect. Completely free to join, Serebra Connect lets you access work opportunities online and start earning income from your skills immediately after graduating.

Every easyLearning course you pass counts towards your Pro Level on
SerebraConnect. The more courses you pass, the higher your Pro Level will be - saving you money on fees and helping you get more work. Learn more about the advantages of becoming a Serebra Connect Pro.

Why easyLearning?

-Learn new, globally in-demand skills
-Earn money as a Serebra Connect Pro
-Get affordable, high-quality training
-Access flexible, convenient online learning
-Choose from 1500+ certification-level courses
-Get ahead in life through easyLearning. New skills are just a click away.

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