Sunday, March 8, 2009

Talkshawk FnF Offer

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-6 minutes FREE after EVERY 6 minutes during call on all Telenor FnF numbers

This offer is on:
-TalkShawk 30 Sec
-TalkShawk Har Min
-TalkShawk Har Sec

-Offer NOT on TalkShawk A1 since it does not allow FnF

The offer applies ONLY to telenor FnF numbers

-Offer does NOT apply to other networks and IDD FnF numbers
-TalkShawk 30 Sec FnF time is from 6am to 6pm
-TalkShawk Har Min and TalkShawk Har Sec FnF is for 24 hours
-No activation is required for this offer – it will apply to all existing as well as new Telenor FnF in subscribers’ list

To add FnF numbers call 555 or write FnF and send SMS to 345

This is a limited time offer

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