Thursday, March 26, 2009

Telenor:Do you have any question

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ASK Telenor messaging Service

Do you have any question regarding anything telenor messaging service is a best way they have a huge database i personally experience this great service

The What...
Got a burning question you need the answer to? Need to settle a fact-based argument among friends? Trying to cheat your way to glory in a friendly quiz? You might be interested in ASK Telenor. ASK Telenor is a SMS based service that gives you the answer to your query in approximately 15 minutes.

The How...
Send your query via SMS on 275. Initially, an answer to your question will be sought in Ask Telenor database. If that's not successful, the question will be sent to a suitable expert. The reply will then be checked by one of the moderators before being sent on to you.

The Price...
Rs. 9 (plus tax) per SMS

Disclaimer: This service is designed to find and give answers to the subscribers' questions if and when possible. Telenor is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness or authenticity of the information given through the service and shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the subscriber as a result thereof. Please note that this service is screened and no illegal, immoral or offensive information or material shall be responded to through the service.

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