Monday, April 27, 2009

Network problem occur in Telenor,Yesterday

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Yesterday, Telenor faces network problem all day from morning in Karachi, I also have telenor connection faced very much problem and i got information from different parts of Karachi and also form Malir and khokrapar they faces same problem for all day, As come to the signal point of view telenor have best coverage quality and this kind of problem was not occured in past 6 months, May be some technical problem or some thing else, May be all other cities not faces the same problem but in karachi people faces very much problem.

You reader think that why i am publishing this article, Yesterday when the problem were doing i realize that mobile phones had very much importance in our life i realize that most of the people give up when this problem occured and peoples will not connect with some one not all but few of them due to this we had some lazness in our life like my bike was puncture and i call my Brother to tell this was happen but due to the network problem i was not able but at this point i was not trying to reach PCO guess why because after the collision of technology with humans we the humans getting lazy not all but few of them, Most of the peoples had lame excuses that "Yar network fail hogaya tha" in english "Oh man network was failed" it reminds me that technology made for human to have comfort in their lives but some times the facilities became disablities not all time but it is true fact.

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