Friday, April 17, 2009

PTA to Give Gold Medal for Outstanding Research Projects in Telecom & IT

Pin It PTA Competition on Best Research Project in Telecom & IT
To encourage academia industry partnership in IT & Telecom sector, PTA has decided to hold a competition in order to give cash prizes (Rs. 100,000) to best research projects on the topics specified by the Authority. Prime objective of this award is to encourage academia to undertake research in telecom sector and develop relationship with academia for advice on important issues faced by the Regulator in the sector. Professors/Researchers/ Students of Management, Telecom and other related programmes can participate in the competition for PTA Best Research Project Competition.

Topics for Competition of Best Research Project
1. Future of Pakistan Telecom Market a case for consolidations
2. Discourse on current Competition situation and a way forward for a
healthier market
3. Price Wars; where is the market leading to and methodology to have win
win situation in the sector.
4. Strategy for Infrastructure sharing from regulatory perspective
5. Convergence in Technology demands emergence of institutions what
could be the economic implications and the role of regulator in
converged environment
6. Devising model for mobile banking for Pakistan and role of telecom
7. Methodology for Calculating the actual Capital Flight from the
multinational Telecom operators in Pakistan and its impact on future
foreign direct investments in local market.
8. Legal, administrative and safety issue related to broadband and their
effects on the growth of business activity.
9. Effective Telecom Models for Small Entrepreneurs for providing ready
access to rural areas.
10. The Social and Economic impact of undocumented SIMS in the local
11. Mechanism for detecting mobile crimes and countering strategy
12. Third Party Private mobile Radio Service Introduction in Pakistan
13. Location Based services –Telecom and national security Issues
14. Devising Mechanism for Telecom Consumer Protection at regulator and
operator levels
15. Development of Public Safety Network to deal with natural and
manmade disasters
16. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) a must to narrow the digital divide
and role of PTA
17. National Formula for sustaining the current Investment in Telecom sector
and attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
18. How to protect children in cyberspace

Any other relevant or related topic to the above shall be considered
Time Lines for Best Research Project
S.No Event Expected
1 Advertisement to be Appeared in National
16th April 2009
2 Last Date for Submission of Project 10th Dec 2009
3 Evaluation of the Projects 15th Jan 2010
4 Final Selection of the Projects 29th Jan 2010
5 Award Ceremony 15th Feb
For Further Information Please Contact
M. Arif Sargana
Director (Economic Affairs)
Tel: 051 9225315, Fax 051-2878122

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