Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SMS may get blocked in Pakistan: Rehman Malik

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“We may block the mobile phone SMS service if negative use of SMS does not stop”, said Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik in a press conference today. He said that SMS communication is being used by terrorist in planning and execution of terrorist activities.
If this happens, then SMS communication over all the networks will be banned throughout Pakistan – a big blow for customers and the companies as well.
I believe, before banning SMS service as whole in the country, there is a better way to stop the use of SMS service for terrorist activities; for example, we can
follow Iran in this situation where a typical cell owner has to go through security checks by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) to receive clearance for using the SMS service – otherwise, no one can send/receive SMS.
Let’s hope for best

"I think it is a foolish kind of statment by Rehman Malik they talk about democracy and think like a fundamentalist..
next day they will said flour mills smuggling flour trucks to Afghanistan so that why we ban Wheat production and normal use of flour in Pakistan"

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