Friday, April 10, 2009

Ufone celebrates 4th Service First Day …

Pin It Karachi—To honor the dependable relationship shared between two business partners; the company and the customer Ufone, one of the leading telecom companies of the country, celebrated its 4th Service First Day at all its offices nationwide. With 10 commandments for improved customer care, the ‘Service First’ initiative was launched by Ufone in June 2005 which created a solid reputation of the company as a quality service provider in the market.

Service First is Ufone’s service culture vision which is weaved into each process and policy that impacts its valued customers or service delivery points. Telecom companies in Pakistan are facing a cut throat competition with competitors trying to attract customers by lowering costs and offering new products, services and packages. However, the real difference is in retaining customers which requires its own specialized initiatives like ‘Service First.’ On the occasion, Mr. Abdul Aziz, President & CEO Ufone, said “I have no doubt in saying that we will maintain our market dominance in providing the most efficient and customer friendly services with the help of our highly able and motivated customer care team around Pakistan.

” Naveed Khalid Butt, Chief Officer Customer Operations Ufone, said “At Ufone, ‘Service First’ in not just an initiative but an objective we follow with complete dedication that lets us provide quality customer services to our valued customers - keeping them ahead of competition.”

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