Monday, May 25, 2009

Jazz Ghanta Offer

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Jazz Ghanta Offer

Jazz now brings “Jazz Ghanta Offer” that enables customers to make longer calls for just Rs 3.99/30 minutes from 9 am to 5 pm, while enjoying the widest coverage, best network and unsurpassed customer care experience. This offer enables customers to talk for longer duration without paying the total charges for an hour on the very first minute. In this offer, subscriber is charged as per normal tariff plan for first few minutes but as soon as the total charge of call reaches Rs 3.99, the following minutes are not charged (same charging cycle repeats for the next 30 minutes).

Note: Daily charges of Rs. 3 apply during subscription.

*21% tax apply on the above mentioned price

This offer will not be available to Jazz Ladies First subscribers
This will be a Limited Time Offer

Subscription Process
Dial *105*1# on mobile screen and press send
Dial 121 for Jazz Features Menu

-Press 6 for New features
-Press 5 to Hear information about Step Charging Voice
-Press 1 to Subscribe to Step Charging Voice
-Press 1 to confirm the selection

1.Is this offer available on all Jazz Packages?
No, this offer is only available of Jazz Easy, Jazz Octane, Jazz Budget and Jazz One.

2.How can I check the status of the subscription?
Dial *105*2# on mobile screen and press send
Or You can check the status of your subscription by dialing 121 and then
Press 6 for new features and
Press 5 to hear the information about Ghanta Offer

3.What will happen if I change my package plan after subscribing to this offer?
You will remain subscribed to this offer if you change your package to Jazz Easy, Jazz Octane, Jazz Budget or Jazz One.

4.Can I call other networks or PTCL numbers with the same rate?
No this offer is applicable for Mobilink to Mobilink calls only. For calls on other networks and PTCL normal tariff will apply.

5.What is the time window during which this offer applies?
This offer will be available during 9am to 5pm.

6.Will I be charged Rs 3.99 for every on-net call during this time window?
For first few minutes you will be charged normal calling rate as per your package plan, but as the total charge of your call reaches Rs 3.99 the following minutes will not be charged till 30 minutes.
7.What will happen if my account balance is less than Rs. 3+tax at time of daily deduction?
In case your account balance is lower than daily fee, you will be un-subscribed from the offer and once you recharge you will have to re-subscribe (as per the process explained earlier).

8.How can I un-subscribe from this offer?
Dial *105*4# on mobile screen and press send
Or Dial 121 for Jazz Features Menu
Press 6 for New features
Press 5 to Hear information about Step Charging
Press 2 to Un-Subscribe from Step Charging
Press 1 to confirm the selection

9.Will I be able to get Club Red discount on the calls between 9am to 5pm?
Yes, Club Red discount (50% on on-net calls) will also apply during 9am-5pm.

10.If I have free minutes in my account, will they be consumed during 9am to 5pm calls?
Yes, free minutes will be consumed first even if you are calling during 9am-5pm.

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