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Telenor Persona Karobar package

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21% CED tax applies on all Tariffs
10% withholding tax at bill applies

IDD & Other Rates

You can call your friends and family living abroad with Telenor's International Direct Dialing Service offered on your Telenor Persona subscription.You can get international Direct Dialing activated on your Telenor Persona subscription by visiting any of our Sales & Service Center or Franchise. For IDD activation the minimum requirement is that your bill delivery address is verified and at least two invoices have been delivered to you.
After activation all you need to do is dial the relevant country code, area code and the telephone number you wish to call!
For all Telenor Customers All countries in the world have been grouped into Zones, following are the details.

The above call rates apply on all Price Plans. For International dialing access, minimum security deposit is Rs. 2000 or price plan credit limit which ever is higher.
GPRS / EDGE RatesTelenor GPRS/EDGE gives you the convenience of browsing the internet, accessing emails, downloading attachments and staying connected to your business from anywhere in Pakistan and across the world.

MMS RatesYou can send and receive real photos, color pictures, audio clips, text or a combination of the three with your MMS enabled mobile phone to another MMS enabled mobile phone or to any e-mail address.

GPRS / EDGE and MMS rates apply on all Price Plans.21% CED tax applies on all Tariffs10% withholding tax at bill applies


Security DepositsFollowing is the minimum Security Deposit for purchase of Persona Karobar Price Plan.

-Security deposit for nationwide access is equal to Karobar price plan minimum credit limit.
-For International dialing access, minimum security deposit is Rs. 2,000 or Karobar price plan credit limit which ever is higher.
-For International roaming, minimum security deposit is Rs. 15,000.
-For more details, visit the nearest Telenor Sales and Service Center, or call 345 from your Persona Karobar subscription.
-The above deposit applies to Karobar price plan without Value add-ons /CUG add-ons.

Credit Limit AlertsTo help you stay in control of your usage, credit limit alerts are sent to you at different usage levels. These alerts are as follows.

Payment PolicyThe bill becomes due immediately after your invoice is generated. Please pay your organizations bills with in 15 days of your invoice date to avoid suspension of your accounts.
For your convenience a consolidated invoice of your organization is sent to your organizations contact person to help you with your internal billing administration.

New Persona Subscription
Can I Port all my Organization Numbers to Persona Karobar Price Plan?Yes, you can easily port in all your organizational numbers and get a Persona Karobar Subscription while keeping your old organizational numbers. For more details Click Here

What Documents do I need for subscribing to Persona Karobar?The contact person of the company will need to bring the company letter head mentioning user names, designations and CNICs along with the Business Ownership Proof ( it can be NTN#, Partnership deed etc)

In case you are applying for an approval for wavering of credit limit then you also need to bring the following documents along;
-Bank Statement / Proxy Documents
-Credit Application Form
-Business Ownership Proof

Process of Activation
Process of activation for Persona Karobar subscription is very simple and follows these steps

Step 1, Documents:
Contact Person to bring the required Documents to any of our Customer Sales & Service Centers / franchise.

Step 2, Number & Price Plan Selection:
Select the numbers that you like for your organization.

Step 3, Form Filling:
Fill out the Persona Karobar Subscription form. Contact person of the company must ensure that he provides the correct organizational billing address & also provide the other Contact number.

Step 4, Activation:Your Subscription will be activated with in 24 hours (48 hours for waiver sales) of your purchase.

Step 5, Address Verification:
Your organizational Bill Delivery address is verified in two stages.
In first stage Our Data quality assurance team will call up the company's contact person & verify the address entered in the system.

In the second stage our Customers Support team physically verifies your organizational bill delivery address with in 48 hours of purchase of your subscription.

If the address verification is successful then your Karobar subscription is complete. However if your Persona Karobar subscription is not verified then our Customer support team will contact the Contact person of the SME again for correct address verification.

In case the number of the company's contact Person is not attended or not responding upon contact, all Persona Karobar numbers will be blocked till your organizational address is verified.

Call Back ServiceThis is unique service specially designed for Persona Karobar Subscribers. All you have to do is to SMS 'Call back (time)' to 345.Our representative from the customer support team will call you back at the required time and help you.

Existing Persona Subscription

Existing Persona postpaid customers can request migration to new price plan packages at any time by contacting their Relationship Executive.

What are the charges of Price Plan Migration?
Migration to new price plans is absolutely free if you are migrating from existing Persona Price Plan.

Can I carry forward or use my remaining free minutes upon migration?
No, your free minutes of existing price plans will not carry forward to new price plan. Upon activation you will benefit from features of new price plan.


Welcome to the world of Persona Karobar. Giving you instant connectivity, crystal clear voice clarity and much more. With its simple and uncomplicated billing and a host of value added services, Persona Karobar will exceed your expectations!

With Telenor Persona Postpaid you get Value Added Services such as:

And all the basic services such as:


Telenor introduces a unique, innovative and state-of-the-art web based portal - Persona Power Bill for providing simplified and unified billing details to SMEs and Corporate Customers.

Using Persona Power Bill, customers can see the summarized billing details of all the employees of their company in a single "Consolidated Invoice".

Moreover, Persona Power Bill also provides various Billing Analysis Reports.
Admin departments of SMEs or Corporates can conduct various analysis like,

-Split of bill across various dimensions e.g., voice/sms/data
-Price Plan Analysis
-Separate Bill for Official and Personal Calls
-Monthly Summary Report

Persona Power Bill - One Stop Billing Analysis Solution

Persona Power Bill enable customer to:

-Have more Visibility to analyze usage trends of employees

Implement Control measures in his company regarding mobile usage.
Use application for Reporting purposes
Ensure Transparency in billing.

Benefits of Persona Power Bill
Persona Power Bill helps customer is numerous ways

Saving on Time & Efforts:
Using Persona Power Bill, Admin staff can do the billing analysis of all employees of company within few minutes - thus saving time and leaving admin department with more time to focus on other official matters.

Saving of Costs:

Persona Power Bill gives Admin department of SMEs and Corporate customers more control & visibility on spending of their employees, which enables them to control their costs. By Persona Power Bill, companies can reduce their monthly bill considerably.

Saving of Resources:

By Using Persona Power Bill, Corporate Customers wont require separate resources to conduct analysis on cellular spending of employees.

Persona Power Bill – Companion in “Cost Cutting”

Billing Data in Persona Power Bill Application

Billing Data in Person Power Bill application is not Real-Time. Billing data is updated on 6th of every month. Customers can conduct billing analysis only on last month's bill or preceding months bills. Billing details of current month are not available.

Packages of Persona Power Bill
Basic Package of Persona Power Bill will be provided to all SME Customers free of cost. The reports in Free Package are:

Basic Package also includes Consolidated Invoice.

Description of Analysis Reports

A brief description of Persona Power Bill reports is as below:

Price of Persona Power Bill

The Persona Power Bill Basic package will be free of cost for first two months.

How to Activate Persona Power Bill

To Sign-up for the Persona Power Bill Solution, customers will need to get in touch with any of Telenor's:
-Sales & Service Centers (S&SC),
-Corporate Sales representative,
-Relationship team,

Formats of Analysis Reports and Consolidated Invoice
Using Persona Power Bill, customers can generate and download consolidated invoice and analysis reports in various formats like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF for ready reference and later usage.


Persona Karobar customers receive a regular monthly invoice. As a customer you enjoy a good amount of control over this invoice. Following are just some of the features of the invoice:

Consolidated Invoice of Organization(sent to Contact Person Only)
Details of your Persona Karobar Package
A brief history of Transactions (invoices & payments) for your ready reference
Easy to read & understand format
Charges split into types of services used- international calls, landline calls, Value added services, International Roaming etc.
Detail of each outgoing call, SMS or GPRS session with date, time, origin, destination, duration, charges & the discount applied on the call
Complete visibility of free minutes- summary as well as detail
Every aspect under your control- level of detail, delivery mode and delivery week
Invoice delivery time of your choice
Invoice detail level according to your preference
Delivery mode of your choice- courier, email or fax

Invoice Delivery Week:
The invoice for all Persona Karobar customers is generated on 2nd of Every Month.
You can specify the format of the invoice you wish to receive by calling at 345 from your Telenor number.

Invoice Detail Options:
You have the option to receive invoice in either of the following modes:

Summary- A summary invoice contains package plan information, brief account history, and summary of free minutes (available & utilized). Summary invoice typically spans two pages.

An itemized invoice contains all the information that the summary invoice contains plus a section more. This additional section is called Itemized Call Detail. It contains detail of each outgoing call, SMS or MMS sent, or GPRS session established. These call records appear with date and time of call, origin, destination number, destination place, duration and charges. Against each individual session the discount is shown to demonstrate how the quota of free minutes was utilized on an individual call basis.

To change the format of the invoice you wish to receive, you can call at 345.

Available Invoice Delivery Modes:
You can receive Persona Karobar invoice either by email (recommended), by fax or by courier.

We encourage you to opt for receiving your invoice through email. The invoice you will receive will be an electronic replica of the paper invoice and at the same time will allow for easy duplication, forwarding, copy & paste, archiving & retrieval. And most of all, this is environment friendly. You can also print the invoice as and when required.

In case you wish to receive the invoice via Email or Fax, kindly send us a request through email Please include following details:

Persona Karobar provides you with range of payment options according to your convenience. Paying Persona Karobar bill was never so easy.

Pay by Cash:
You can always visit Telenor Sales and Service center and pay your bill by providing cash to our representative.
To find out your nearest Telenor Sales and Service center, click here

Pay By Cheque:
Persona Karobar offers you the comfort and ease of paying your mobile bills through Cheque. For more details Click here.

Pay by Easy Load:

Pay your bills At more than 150,000 Easy load outlets across the country.

Here is how it works

-Look out for an Easy load sign at a shop or ask for Telenor Easy load facility,
-Provide your phone number and amount
-You will get an instant SMS confirming that your payment has been received
-Your payment will be submitted within 2 hours in your account

Pay by Scratch Card
Pay your bills through/ using scratch cards. It is simple and easy and now you can pay at your own convenient time.

Telenor scratch cards are available in the denominations of Rs. 100‚ Rs. 250‚ Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000.

Here is how it works

-Buy your scratch card
-Remove the protective coating at the back of the card to reveal the 14 digit scratch card number
-Enter *555*(14 digit scratch card number)# and press SEND
-You will get an instant confirmation
-Your payment will be submitted within 2 hours in your account

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