Thursday, May 28, 2009

Warid brings green technology to Pakistan

Pin It The green technology has finally landed in Pakistan another first by Warid Telecom. To protect environment by introducing the environment friendly or green energy for mobile in Pakistan, Warid is in lead to introduce/deploy solar powered Macro Base Stations (BTS). The non-hybrid site is 100% powered on solar energy thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution, both of which are unfriendly to the environment.

The solution also reduces pressure on Pakistan's overall energy supply which further benefits the environment.

Environment-friendly Solar Powered Macro BTS allows Warid to extend its network reach to the rural areas of the country where there is no commercial power or frequent electric failures.

Solar power system integrated with energy storage can also provide backup power during the worst power outages. Every residential PV system reduces greenhouse gas emissions as much as removing one car from the road.

In four year of operations Warid has covered 450 cities and having further ambition to aggressively expand its network coverage especially in small and medium sized cities, suburban areas, countryside, as well as in mountainous areas with poor transportation links.

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