Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zem Crazy hours by warid

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Zem Crazy Hours

Experience real freedom to talk by making as many calls any time, any day, to as many Warid numbers as you like for only Rs.5+tax per hour.

And if one hour is not enough for you, then why stop? Choose up to 3 hours anytime during the day as per your convenience.

To activate, SMS your “Hour” to 2742 from your Warid Prepaid. Forget minutes and talk for hours to Go Crazy!!!

SMS your choice of Hour to 2742E.g. SMS 4pm to 2742 (for 4pm-5pm Crazy Hour)


1.What is the Crazy Hours offer?
Crazy Hours is an offer that lets you make unlimited calls to all on-net (Warid to Warid) numbers for any three chosen hours daily at Rs.5+tax/hour.

2.Is this offer available for both, Postpaid and zem Prepaid customers?
No, this offer is available for zem Prepaid customers only and it is a limited time offer.

3.Is this offer available on all zem Prepaid packages?
Yes, you have the flexibility of retaining your old package while making use of this facility as well.

4.What time is Crazy Hours facility available?
Crazy Hours facility is available 24 hours a day. Customers can select any three hours of their choice daily.

5.How many Crazy Hours can I choose in a day?
You can choose up to three hours in a day. But you have to consume the first crazy hour in order to apply for the second, and consequently have to consume to second hour to apply for the third one.

6.What are the charges?
This is a limited time offer, in which you are charged a flat rate of Rs.5+tax for each hour you choose (up to 3 hours) to enjoy unlimited on-net calls within Pakistan. SMS charge of Rs. 3+tax is applicable on each request sent for selection of the Crazy Hour.

7.When do I activate my Crazy Hours?
You can activate your Crazy Hours whenever you want. However, you can only subscribe to hours within the same day. Any hour which has passed cannot be subscribed. In order to choose your second or third Crazy Hour, you need to utilize your first Crazy Hour.

8.How do I activate my Crazy Hours?
You can activate the Crazy Hours by just sending an SMS to 2742.Example: to select 4pm-5pm as your Crazy Hour, just type 4pm and SMS it to 2742.

9.Do I need to select the Crazy Hours every day?
Yes, you need to choose your Crazy Hours every day. Your selected Crazy Hours are not automatically renewed every day.

10.Can I change my Crazy Hours after I have selected it for the same day?
Yes, you can change the Crazy Hours as many times as you want in a day before the start of the chosen hour. Your latest request will override the previous request.

11.What if I send two messages for Crazy Hour selection simultaneously before the hours have arrived?
In this scenario your first request will become null & void and the last request sent will be considered your selected Crazy Hour.

12.Can I select my choice of hour in advance for the next day?
No, you can only choose hours of your choice for the current day.

13.How can I know which hour has been selected as my Crazy Hour?
Type: Find and SMS to 2742 to know your selected Crazy Hour and you will be charged Rs 3+tax for this message.

14.Can I make calls to other networks during my Crazy Hour?
Yes, you can make off-net calls during your Crazy Hours, but you will be charged normal off-net rates as per your subscribed package.

Activation charges applicable.50% discount on peak hours for Crazy Hour is valid till June 30, 2009.21% FED on usage & 10% with holding tax on recharge apply

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