Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ufone Song Catcher

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Ufone Song Catcher
Ufone Song catcher brings you the first of its kind service ‘Song Search’. Before if you didn’t remember the name of a song all you had to do is place the phone next to a speaker and Song Catcher identified the song for you.Now not only can you do that but with our new section ‘Song Search’ you can find a song by simply saying its name.

‘Song Search’ works through Voice Recognition which will make your experience of finding any song you like more convenient than ever before.

How to use Song Catcher:

-Simply dial 676
-Press 1 for Song Search
-Press 2 to catch a song being played on the radio or music player

Song Search:

-Choose the song/ movie type from the following categories, simply by saying its name
• Bollywood
• Pakistani
• Western
-Say the name of the Song or Movie
-You can also find a song or movie by saying a word included in the song/movie

When Song Search finds your song you can choose to do any of the following activities:

-Press 1 to listen to the next song
-Press 2 to set the song as a default UTune
-Press 3 to download the song as a True Tone
-Press * to search another song

Song Catcher:

Place your Ufone near the respective speaker and you will get the name of the song and the artist instantly via SMS.

After the song has been indentified you can do any of the following:

-Set the identified song as a UTune.
-Download the true tone of the identified song.
-Dedicate the identified song to any of your friends and family.

For songs list, “click here

Charges: Rs.2/min + Tax

Conditions apply

Note: 21% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies

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