Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fujitsu Siemens Computers renamed

Pin It KARACHI (July 08 2009): The Fujitsu Siemens Computers has been renamed Fujitsu Technology Solutions (Holding) B.V., following its integration with Fujitsu Limited. A statement here on Tuesday said the new company, now a 100 percent subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, was now operating jointly with Fujitsu Services and a unified management under the Fujitsu brand.

It said that as a fully-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, Fujitsu Technology Solutions continued to offer its customers in Pakistan access to a world-wide portfolio of dynamic infrastructures built around IA servers and combined with innovative services, along with integrated products and IT solutions tailored in a joint effort with Fujitsu Services.

"The integration with Fujitsu is a major step in the strategy to expand the brand's capabilities and global perspective", said Stephane Rejasse, Managing Director for Fujitsu Technology Solutions ME.

"With Fujitsu we have a strong and reliable parent company that fully supports our own business strategy and goals. Fujitsu is a pioneering IT company with research and development in its DNA and so are we. Becoming part of the Fujitsu Group is the perfect match for Fujitsu Technology Solutions. We can 'Think Global' from the inception of new products, and then 'Act Local' to serve the needs of our customers".

The statement said the integration would allow Fujitsu to expand the Group's business with a focus on developing the global IT services business to meet increasing customer demand. The full integration of Fujitsu Technology Solutions, with its strong presence in the region, is the catalyst for Fujitsu's transformation into a truly global company.

Together, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Technology Solutions will bring innovative and cost-competitive products to market by optimising platform product research and development. In the course of this collaboration, Fujitsu Technology Solutions will become one of the major linchpins of global research and development within Fujitsu.

"With regard to our customers and channel in Pakistan, the integration of Fujitsu Technology Solutions will be a rewarding investment. Fujitsu has access to Fujitsu Technology Solutions' broad customer base and from this, is moving forward in the expansion of its presence in the market", said Sajjad Abbas, Country Manager- Oman, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Fujitsu Technology Solutions. "Our customers and channel partners will benefit from global access to a combined broad portfolio of products and services.

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