Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LG launches W53 SMART Monitor Series

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KARACHI (July 15 2009): LG Electronics (LG), a leading provider of business solutions, announced the launch of its new W53 SMART Monitor Series with cutting-edge SMART technologies that offer top picture quality while greatly reducing eyestrain during extended use.

These monitors include an incredible Auto Brightness feature that allows them to automatically optimise their brightness and other picture settings based on the ambient light in the room and the content being viewed. LG based these settings on the unified glare rating (UGR) recommended by International Commission on Illumination to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.-PR
Display: 18.5″, 20″, 22″, 23″, 24″, 27″
Pixel Format: 21.5″ and larger 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: 50,000:1 (dynamic)
Response Time: 2ms
Connectivity: HDMI
Other: Auto Brightness, Proximity Sensor
Auto Brightness Thanks to an ambient light sensor the W53 SMART Monitor Series displays the brightness is automatically optimized based on the ambient lighting in the room. It also depends on the content your viewing. I’m not exactly sure how that works but probably has something to do with backlight brightness modulation that will also improve contrast ratio to some extent. This feature was developed in response to many users complaining that the display was either too bright or too dark. I guess these users don’t know that there are buttons to adjust the brightness on almost any monitor. But it does get cumbersome when you work during the day and the night and have to adjust the brightness every time.
Another benefit of this feature is that power consumption is reduced especially at night when the backlight is dimmed.

Cinema Mode When the W53 SMART Monitor Series is put into Cinema Mode and you’re watching online videos, everything else is blacked out. All you see is the video. I think this is kind of nifty. But, there are many users that watch video and work at the same time. I do that from time to time. For people like me just don’t turn on the Cinema Mode. For others, this feature should enhance your video viewing pleasure without having to resort to full screen mode (and the ugly pixelation).

Proximity Sensor Why would you need something like this? The W53 SMART Monitor Series has a proximity sensor on the bezel. When your finger approaches the bezel the buttons light up. Very cool. Pull your finger away and the buttons disappear. Physical buttons might be less cool and sexy but they consume zero power. I have mixed feelings here: these proximity sensor buttons are cool but they will always be additional sipping power while your monitor is on. How often do you adjust your monitor settings anyway?

Sizes LG will bring out sizes that range from 18.5″ to 27″ with 21.5″ and larger ones sporting 1920 x 1080 pixel formats. Dynamic contrast ratio (which doesn’t mean a whole lot) is rated at up to 50,000:1. The response time is really quick at just 2ms.

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