Friday, July 31, 2009

Mobilink:Indigo Talk Fiesta

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Indigo Talk Fiesta

Now paying your Line Rent in advance can get you additional free minutes on your i plan. With your free minutes lasting longer, you can talk even more each month, for no hidden costs or extra charge.

** All Government Taxes will apply

Terms & Conditions:
-Upon opting for indigo Fiesta program, the Customer can not avail any Line Rent Discounts, or any other form of discount for the Period of the indigo Fiesta program.
-The Advance Line rent shall be paid in full for the period opted for. No Discounts would be exercised on the Advance Payment. In case any Discounts exist, they shall be reversed for the Period of the Program.
-The Advance Line Rent Paid is non-refundable under all conditions and a request for the same shall not be entertained in any form or manner.
-Customer can not upgrade from one indigo Fiesta Program to another until the said Period of the chosen indigo Fiesta Program is complete. Customer shall be responsible for keeping a track of the completion of such Period from the date of purchase of their respective Fiesta Program.
-Customer can not upgrade or downgrade their i plan as he or she signed up for initially until the said indigo Fiesta Program Period is over.
The Customer cannot port out their number to any other cellular operator for One (1) year upon signing up for indigo Fiesta Program.
-The Customer is not allowed to change their Bill Date until after the expiry of the indigo Fiesta program Period.
-The amount paid for indigo Fiesta program shall not be used as a cash alternative/ substitute for Bill Payments and/or other facilities etc.
-In case of Sales Return from the Mobilink network, only the Security Deposit will be refundable, subject to pending payment and conditions
-All taxes for indigo Fiesta program will be charged upfront.
-All Existing Conditions Apply.
-Mobilink shall not be liable for any loss, harm, damage, cost, expense etc. (whether direct or indirect) which may be incurred by any person on account of anything contained in these Terms and Conditions for indigo Fiesta Program or any other services provided by Mobilink at any time, including the use of such Products and/ or Services.
-Mobilink reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in like manner.

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