Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PTCL distributes awards among engineers and cable jointers

Pin It LAHORE: Senior Executive Vice President PTCL Tariq Salman, Executive Vice President (Central) Jamil Khwaja, General Manager LTR (North) and General Manager (South) Rasheed Ahmed distributed the awards among the engineers and cable jointers of Lahore Region.
On the occasion Salman said that better planning is the key step for success. We can earn the satisfaction of the valued customers with flawless planning in the provision of unmatched telecom services at economical tariff. He also appreciated the workers who were awarded. Khwaja said that company, which pays priority to the satisfaction of the customers, always succeeds. He also said that cable jointers are very hard workers and are the backbone of the company. Khwaja appreciated the efforts that cable jointers do to immediately restore the telecommunication network, when that infrastructure is cut inadvertently by various agencies doing civil developmental work. He also showed a special device, which has been conceived and designed by PTCL management to improve cable jointers working inside a main whole. As a step forward PTCL is providing a fan and a lamp to cable jointers so they can do their job with ease. staff report

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