Saturday, July 25, 2009

Samsung Unveils An All New ‘Slimmest Watch Phone’

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KARACHI (July 25 2009): Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, a mobile phone manufacturer had announced the launching of the S9110, a cutting-edge watchphone featuring a full touch screen. The watchphone-basically a wrist-watch comprised of all the features of a cellular phone and Samsung had once again proved its prowess in the market.-PR

This measurement of this awesome gadget is a mere 11.98 millimeters (0.48 inches) in thickness. The new watch phone is able to retain its ultra-slim look due to the fact that, its circuit board is composed of 42 individual components, that are re-sized to reduce the thickness of the watch phone.

The all new slimmest watch phone from Samsung will be available in the first week of July and will be launched in France at first, with a price tag of 459 euros that amounts to $639. Samsung is planning to further launch this product in other European nations.

Samsung’s slimmest watch phone sports a 1.76-inch touch screen, that empowers the users to use important features such as, e-mails, listen to MP3s and make and receive phone calls. This tiny device also comes with a built in bluetooth function and voice recognition commands.
One of Samsung’s fiercest rivals, LG Electronics has developed its very own slim phone, that will hit the commercial markets in August 2009.

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