Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Telenor Talkshawk:discounted hours offer 7 hour for Rs 7

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Telenor Brings new offer
Telenor Talkshawk:discounted hours offer

-Subscribe and make calls for only 20 paisa/30 second on all Telenor numbers for 7 hours per day (10am to 5pm)
-Customers on ONLY Talkshawk 30 Second will be able to avail this service
-Applies on All Telenor numbers (including Telenor FnF)

-Discounted tariff applies only between 10am to 5pm. Regular rates will apply during the rest of the hours

Subscription Mechanics:

Step 1: Customer will write “7” and send the SMS to 555. Charge for SMS is Rs.0.5+tax (Rs.0.6 including tax)

Step 2: If the customer has enough balance, Rs.8.37 (Rs7+tax) will be deducted from his account and the following SMS will be sent to him:

Your request has been completed. Enjoy making unlimited discounted calls between 10am to 5pm. Validity to use service is 1 day.

Step 3: Depending upon the time of subscription, customer will have either the same day or the next day to avail the discount hours. During the discount hours (10am to 5pm) customer can call any Telenor number for Rs.0.20 (exl tax) per 30 Sec & any Telenor FnF number for Rs.0.13 (exl tax) per 30 Sec.

Step 4: Customer can re-subscribe to the offer after 12am at night of that day if subscription was done before 4:30pm, or after 12am at night of the next day if subscription was done after 4:30pm by writing 7 and sending SMS to 555. If customer tries to re-subscribe while his current subscription has not expired, the following SMS will be sent to him:

Dear Customer, You are already subscribed to this offer for today. To avail this offer tomorrow please subscribe again in the morning.

How can customer activate this Service?
Customer needs to send an SMS to 555 with 7 as the keyword.

What are the activation Charges?
Activation charges are Rs 7 + tax (Rs. 8.37), which will be deducted at the time of activation.

What is the validity of this service?
1 calendar day (same day as activation) if subscription is done before 4:30pm and 2 calendar days if activation is done after 4:30pm & before 12am.

What is the time window during which customer can call for free?
Time window for discounted calls is from 10 am to 5 pm.

What will happen in case of price plan change / migration?
In case subscriber migrates from TS 30 Sec to another price plan, the service will be deactivated.
Can this service be activated by any other way?
No, this service can only be activated through SMS to 555.

Can Discounted calls be made to other mobile operators or PTCL?
No, discounted calls can only be made onnet i.e. Telenor to Telenor.

What will happen if a customer starts calling from 10am to 5pm without activating this feature through 555 SMS?
Standard call rates will apply.

What will happen to Free Minutes that customers have?
If a customer has free minutes in his/her account and then activates this service then free minutes will be consumed first (even in the 10am to 5pm time window). This applies to the voice bundle minutes too.

What is the last date to activate this feature?
This is a limited time offer. Last date will be communicated later.

What will happen if a call was initiated before 10am and continues past 10am?
The entire duration of the call will be charged at standard rates, even if part of it is past 10am. Only calls initiated after 10am will be discounted.

Can customers re-subscribe to this service?
Customers can only re-subscribe to this service after their existing subscription has expired (after 12am at night) . For subscription write 7 and SMS to 555.

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