Friday, July 3, 2009

Wi-tribe launches wireless broadband service

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Wi-tribe, a Qtel Group company, launched its wireless broadband service here on Tuesday. Wi-tribe is described as a 'instant and simple' broadband service provider in Pakistan, targeting Internet users, looking for increased freedom from fixed line. Federal Minister of Investment, Waqar Ahmed Khan, said, 'it is very heartening to witness the wi-tribe launch in Pakistan.
The investment that wi-tribe has made and would be making indicates that Pakistan is open for business. We are willing to accommodate and encourage all investors to benefit from the business-friendly policies that Pakistan offers.' The CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan, Mohammad Sadiq, said, 'today is another milestone for the wi-tribe group with the launch of the largest operation to date. As an international company with local focus, wi-tribe has dedicated much of its pre-launch activities towards recruiting and training Pakistani staff to work within the company at every level.-PR

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Say hello to wi-tribe -a wireless broadband Internet service.We're here to set the benchmark for speed and quality. Join us on our journey, as we spread our wings across Pakistan. Now you can enjoy true broadband access. No more wires or worries. At wi-tribe, the fun's just begun.Our cutomized packages are designed to suit your needs and lifestyle.

*Equal to monthly charges
**One time non-refundable charges

*On return of modem and cancellation of subscription

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