Monday, July 6, 2009

ZONG personality Test Service

Pin It Zong introduced personality test service an SMS based service which enables a subscriber to answer some simple questions and get an in depth analysis about their personality.

Available test categories and tests include:

Love & Relationship

-Are You a Bad Date?
-Finding Mr/Mrs. Right
-Love Personality

Career & Money

-Are You a Future Millionaire
-Fame or Fortune
-Right Job/Wrong Job

Mind & Body

-Heart or Head
-Your Best Qualities


-My Personality Traits
-Zodiac Love Match

Service Mechanics:
-Subscriber sends PT to 461
-Service replies with available categories i.e. Love and Relationship, Career & Money, Mind & Body and Astrology and asks subscriber to choose category of interest
-On receiving subscriber response, the service displays available tests for chosen category and asks subscriber to respond with test ID
-On receiving subscriber’s choice, service responds by sending the first question in the test
-When all questions have been answered service sends detailed analysis based on subscriber responses to the subscriber

Price of each SMS is Rs. 0.50+t

1 comment:

David said...

ALso check out the Personality iPhone app


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