Friday, August 21, 2009

Warid charitie Programme:Give

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Stairway to Hope
Become a ray of hope for the deserving. Warid brings a new and convenient way of participating in charitable cause, simply type REG & SMS to GIVE (4483), from our user-friendly menu you can select the charity organization of your choice. Join hands to support the deserving and contribute in making their lives prosperous.


What is GIVE?
GIVE is a Corporate Social Responsibility exercise to promote a unique effort of Warid i.e. dedication to a charitable cause of customer’s choice. The mechanism has been built in as a feature that allows customers to choose the registered charities of their choice, invite friends & share their feedback for other charities they are willing to support.
What is the difference between other donation campaigns and GIVE? GIVE is a unique effort by any telecom operator in Pakistan, which provides a continuous commitment to a charity in the form of monthly auto deduction facility.

How do I register to support a charity?
Simply type REG & SMS to GIVE (4483) and our user-friendly menu will guide you through.

What would be the monthly donations to a charity?

PKR 20+tax will be deducted monthly on registering with a charitable cause.

Will I be charged for any message I send to short code GIVE other than the monthly donation registration charges?
Yes, you will be charged PKR 0.50+tax for each message you send to GIVE (4483).

Can I join multiple charities at one time?
Yes, with this unique service you can donate to multiple charities through one platform.

How much will I be charged for registering to any other charity?

For each charity you wish to support you will be donating PKR 20+tax/month. For example, if you wish to support 2 charities you will be charged PKR 40+tax/month and so on.

What if I have insufficient balance or my number is blocked on the date of my monthly donations?
Your donation services will be automatically discountinued & you would have to re-register to contribute to your charities.

Will I be sent a notification every month of successful contributions of my donations to a charity?
You will be informed only once at the time of registration for a charity & not on monthly basis.

How can I invite my friends to support a charity?
Our simple and user friendly help menu of GIVE will provide you an option to invite friends. Enter your friend’s number in the provided format & an invitation will be sent to your friend indicating that you have invited them to support a charity.

What is ”I want this cause”?
Through this exclusive feature you can reach the GIVE team by recommending the charity organisation of your choice to be included in this initiative.

What is ”MY GIVE”?
MY GIVE is an option through which you get the names of charities you are currently supporting.

Is this service for prepaid & postpaid customers?
Yes, both prepaid & postpaid customers can donate easily to charities of their choice.

Which charities are currently supported?
GIVE supports non profit organizations. Preferred causes are those, which are associated with health, education, environment and rehabilitation of calamity hit areas.

What if I want to discontinue my donations?
Our simple and user friendly help menu of GIVE provides you an option of Opt Out of monthly donations to charities of your choice. After a confirmation message is received, you will not be charged any monthly donations. For Postpaid if the donor opts our before the bill run, the donation to the charity would appear in the upcoming bill only and in the next bill cycle no donation will be deducted.

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