Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zong Ramadan Offer

Pin It All dormant subscribers who did not use their SIM since May 09 have been posted 15 free minutes & 50 free SMS as an incentive to use their Zong SIMs.

-Recharge Rs. 100 and enter a lucky draw to win one of 10 Hajj Packages (For all subscribers)
-Also get free airtime worth Rs. 100 every time you recharge Rs. 100 or more (For dormant subscribers ONLY)

Qualifying Customer

-All subscribers qualify for the Hajj lucky draws
-Only dormant subscribers qualify for the free airtime
-Validity of free airtime: 10 days after the free minutes and SMS have been posted to the subscriber’s account
-This Offer is being launched for all prepaid packages
-This is an offer during the month of Ramadan

Who are eligible for this campaign?

All subscribers who recharge Rs. 100 or more in a day will qualify for the lucky draw

Who are eligible for free airtime?
All those subscribers who have not used their SIM for the last six months or had zero balance

When will the free airtime be received?
Subscribers with zero balance / who had not used their SIM since last six months will be given their bonus at the end of the campaign

When will the draws be conducted?
Draws will be conducted on every Tuesday starting from 25th August till the end of Ramadan

Do MNP subscribers qualify for this campaign?

What bonus will the MNP subscriber get?
MNP subscriber will

What is the expiry of the bonus minutes?
The bonus minutes will expire in 10 days

Will the bonus minutes and SMS be carried forward after the expiry?

Can the subscriber port out once he avails the bonus?

Can the New Activation subscriber port out once he avails the bonus?

What will happen to the subscriber’s bonus if he/she converts to postpaid?
The bonus will be confiscated

What is the time period of the campaign?
Duration of the campaign is the month of Ramadan

What if customer does not receive his Prize within time, what will complaint procedure?
CS will record the complaint and resolve it

TTs will be routed to which back-end department?
IT Department

Will old MNP subscribers be eligible for the campaign?

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