Monday, August 3, 2009


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ZONG was launched with a commitment to add value to the customer’s communication experience. This is why ZONG has been the fastest growing telecom company in Pakistan. ZONG has introduced numerous services that not just make communication affordable but also make it more exciting. Keeping all these things in perspective ZONG now launches VOICE BUNDLES for its prepaid subscribers. Using these Voice Bundles customers will get free minutes and SMS against an upfront payment. Customers will have 3 options available to select from. These 3 options are mentioned below:

Customers can subscribe to these Voice Bundles by calling 912 and selecting their preferred bundle of choice or typing “sub” and sending an SMS to 912.

Q1. How can subscriber activate the voice bundles?
Customer needs to send an SMS to 912 with “sub” and bundle option or dial 912

Q2. How many bundle option are there to choose?
Customers can choose from 3 bundle options Rs. 100, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000

Q3. What are the activation charges of voice bundle?
Customers can choose from 3 bundle options Rs. 100, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000

Q4. Are the activation charges of voice bundle inclusive or exclusive of tax?
The activation charges are exclusive of tax 19% tax will be applied

Q5. What is the validity of the voice bundles?
Rs. 100 voice bundle has a validity of 15 days, the rest have a validity of 30 days

Q6. How many times can a subscriber subscribe to the offer?
A customer can subscribe to the offer as many times as they want in the validity period

Q7. Can this service be subscribed by any other way?
Yes, by dialing 912 IVR and selecting one of the bundle option

Q8. What is the expiry of the free minutes and SMS?
The expiry is of the bundle as given above, however, on re-subscription only the free minutes will be rolled over

Q9. Are the free minutes and SMS only for onnet?
The Free minutes and SMS are both onnet and offnet

Q10. What will happen once free minutes are completely utilized?
Once the free minutes are utilized the charging will be as per package plan

Q11. What is the last date of the offer?
This is a limited time offer

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