Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pakistani net users can get MiM Pakistan first java based mobile instant chat messenger

Pin It ISLAMABAD (September 15 2009): Pakistani net users can get MiM (Mobile Instant Messenger) Max99, which is Pakistan's first java-based mobile instant chat messenger,

compatible with most of the GPRS enabled mobile phones, pocket PCs and other mobile devices. Max99 messenger is cheaper and consumes less battery and with smaller download size as well as it has got Chatrooms and group chat features.

And one another very nice thing of max messenger is that it also has multi-kicking feature. Every user can create twelve IDs which he can call in chatroom for vote casting to kick multi ids of other users. With the efforts of max team they have created very clean and friendly environment. Slanders are dealt very quickly, users can kick bad users from chatroom using kick vote method

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