Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warid BlackBerry Internet service (BIS)

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BlackBerry Internet Service introduces both significant functional and reliability improvements.

Manage Your Personal Emails: With BlackBerry BIS you can send receive emails from upto 10 supported email accounts. With just few clicks you can activate your email service and in no time you can exchange emails with your friends, family and colleagues.


BIS supports following popular attachment format:




-Microsoft Word


-Power Point


Instant Messaging

BlackBerry Instant Messenger will keep you in touch with your instant messaging community of contacts. Features are similar to a desktop version on instant messaging software, including contact list management, presence awareness, notifications and emotions.

Internet Browsing

BlackBerry Internet Service give you true internet access while you are on the move.

-Surf HTML content

-Bookmark your favorite web pages

-Find the information using search engines

-Experience a true on the move browsing experience

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mrbgo said...

Nice posting A feature of the Blackberry is really in its management of email and associated technology push... keep posting... BlackBerry Internet Service Password


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