Sunday, September 13, 2009

The ZONG Internet USB Card

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Zong USB card service is not lanched yet but many of person's not awair of that so here is some review..

The ZONG Internet USB Card is product for all internet users around the country that have been longing for a solution addressing all their connectivity needs. Available for high-speed wireless network access, with which customers can access the wireless internet at home, office and outdoor sites.

ZONG Internet USB Card comes with a pre installed SIM inside that has EDGE/GPRS activation for connectivity to the internet. In the service area of the EDGE/GPRS network, customers can wirelessly surf the Internet, send/receive messages and emails at 4 times the GPRS speeds via the ZONG Internet USB Card.

Connect to anywhere, through the easy plug-and-play mechanism on your laptop or desktop.

Customers will just have to insert the EDGE Modem into their laptop/desktop usb port, follow the simple installation instructions and be connected to the internet at high speeds. In addition to being connected to the Internet, customers will be able to:

-Check their connection status.
-View statistics of their internet usage.
-Will have access to their list of phonebook contacts, present on the SIM in the device. They will be able to add/edit/delete entries from the phonebook.
-To send text messages regardless of whether they are connected via GPRS or not.


-EDGE Modem - Rs. 8000+Tax
-Unlimited GPRS package Rs. 400/month +tax

SMS Charges

-Domestic - Rs. 0.5/SMS +tax
-International -Rs. 5/SMS +tax
-Each month the users will have to recharge the SIM account to continue using uninterrupted services @ Rs. 400+tax.

Available at CSCs of the following cities


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