Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mystery Google new search engine by Google...

Pin It WASHINGTON (October 19 2009): Looking for an Internet search engine that delivers totally random results? Probably not. But if you are,
there's one out there for you. It's called Mystery Google and is located at

No matter what you type into the query box at Mystery Google it serves up the results of someone else's search. A search for "Twitter," for example, delivered links to websites about "cabbage."
There is one consistent result. Type in the query "What is Mystery Google?" and the reply is "That is the site you are on."
The Mystery Google website has the spartan look of the traditional Google home page but the background is black as opposed to white and features a glowing moon at the top of the page. It also bears the notice "Google is a trademark of Google Inc."

1 comment:

KingsKid777 said...

This is interesting...I think that is kind of funny. I can see someone new to google accidently getting on this mystery google and getting random results...


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