Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Flash programmes will run on iPhones

Pin It BOSTON (October 12 2009): The developer of the widely used Flash programming language has devised a way

to translate its code to run on Apple Inc's iPhone - a move that could dramatically boost the variety of applications for the iPhone.

Programmes written with Adobe Systems Inc's Flash programming language currently cannot run on Apple's popular smart phone. Adobe has spent several years trying without success to persuade Apple to make technical changes to the device's software that would make it possible for Flash programs to run on the iPhone.

In the absence of an agreement with Apple, Adobe announced on October 5 that it will introduce a tool that lets computer programmers easily convert software applications that they write in the Flash programming language to code that will work on the iPhone.

Flash is designed so that programmers can write one set of code that run on multiple types of computers and mobile devices, including ones using software from Google Inc, Microsoft Corp, Nokia and Palm Inc.

The iPhone has been the only major handset provider that has declined to collaborate with Adobe. The new option that Adobe announced on Monday will allow developers to create a second piece of software that they can distribute through Apple's App store

Source : Flare

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