Saturday, November 21, 2009

PTCL Conference Call System

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PTCL Conference Call
PTCL is the largest Telecom Services Provider in Pakistan and always strive to create value for its valued customers. Keeping this objective in mind, we had introduced another interesting and handy service branded as PTCL Conference Call (3 Party Call) service. This unique service is a good opportunity to bring families and friends closer especially on the festive season of Eid.

PTCL Conference Call is designed to enable PTCL customers to make more than one call at one time in conference mode to talk to their relatives, beloved ones and office colleagues.

How to use the service:
To initiate the conference call, the subscriber will dial the first person with whom he wants to talk and wants to be a part of conversation in three way conference.
To add the third person in conversation hook flash button is pressed (subscriber hears dial tone) and phone number of the third person is dialed. Once third person picks up the call, hook flash is pressed again followed by digit three and then conference calls starts. (If there is no hook flash button then hook up key on cradle will be used)

•Nominal monthly charges of Rs 25/month
•Maximum of 3 persons can converse on a single line
•Useful for meetings hence reducing transportation overheads.
•Conference call subscriber can converse with Local/NWD/ISB and OMO’s (Other Mobile Operator’s) subscribers as per prevailing tariffs.

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