Wednesday, November 11, 2009

UHealth service by Ufone

Pin It Physical fitness is the result of regular exercise, proper diet and appropriate consultancy. With UHealth you can get health consultancy on a regular basis with professional advice on lifestyle related diseases.

Simply Dial 707 for personalized attention and dependable counseling in compliance to firm medical regulations. UHealth is designed to provide you a hassle free way of reaching medical experts directly from your Ufone anywhere, anytime.

Online Doctor:
-Initially your call will be routed to the Nursing station where your Health data is collected through a number of preliminary assessment questions such as symptom duration, aggravating and relieving factors, current medications, temperature, and allergies. Once your relevant medical history is gathered it is entered into a database.
-Your call will then be routed to our doctor/physician, there onwards the physician will ensure that your query and issues are resolved and appropriate advice is given.

Vaccination Feature:
Vaccination feature gives detailed immunization guidelines, procedures and benefits of vaccination at different ages. The vaccinations and their benefits have been defined from new born till adults and help increase the awareness of different vaccines and how and when to carry out these vaccinations. Vaccinations include:

-Oral Polio
-DPT (1st, 2nd, 3rd dose)
-Measles Vaccine
-Mumps, Rubells Vaccine

Rs. 10 + tax/min

UHealth is designed as an access facility. Ufone shall not be liable for the authenticity or the information given through this service or for the credentials or advice of any medical experts, or for any reason whatsoever, including any loss, claim or damage whether personal or otherwise, caused to any party whosoever.

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