Thursday, December 24, 2009

PTCL is denying the rights of private Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) is denying the rights of private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to install broadband DSL connections to their customers using PTCL’s copper line network.

ISP Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) stated this during a press statement on Tuesday. ISPAK stated that for the last five days, PTCL has not been connecting ISP customers’ DSL connections on the pretext that it was making the provisioning system automated. This move has left hundreds of new customers without a broadband connection across the country for the last many days.

ISPAK stated that under the agreement and standard operating procedure, PTCL has to connect a new connection within 48 hours, but PTCL has been denying the rights of ISPs. Insiders tell that since PTCL is operating its own retail broadband DSL services and wants to attract the customers to its own network, it is creating delays in connections of its competitor ISPs. ISPs and PTCL have a history of bitter relations with formers accusing the only fixed line operator to adopt strong-arm tactics, anti-competitive behaviour, and predatory pricing. staff report

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