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Jazz SMS Khazana Offer just sending sms and enter in lucky draw

Pin It Jazz SMS Khazana Offer

A treasure awaits at your fingertips. Now with “Jazz SMS Khazana” you can win exciting cash prizes sitting at home. Just send a blank SMS to 5555 and you can win Rs. 50,000 daily, Rs. 5,00,000 weekly or even get a chance to win the grand prize of Rs. 50,00,000! So why wait? Start texting now, because the more you play, the better the chances of winning.

Step 1:
Please send a Blank SMS or “JK” to 5555 to enter the contest.

Step 2:
You will receive 2 text messages: A welcome SMS and a message which requests your name for personalization purposes (i.e. Send your name and get your first bonus points).
*if name is not sent, you can continue to participate, but with no personalized information in the reply messages

Step 3:
Upon your response you will receive 2 more texts, one thanking you for giving out the name and the other with the first question. Each question gives 2 alternative/possible answers. One is correct and the other is wrong. You would be required to respond by sending either “1” or “2”.

Points Collection Criteria:
Each participant will get points every time he/she sends an SMS to 5555. Here is the distribution of points against each SMS.

Prize Details:

Service Eligibility Criteria & Rules:

•Daily draw: All participants who have sent at least 1 SMS on a specific day enter that day’s draw with all the collected points gathered from the beginning of the campaign until the time of the draw.
•Weekly draw: All participants who have sent at least 1 SMS on a specific week enter that week’s draw with all the collected points gathered from the beginning of the campaign until the time of the draw.
•Final draw: All participants who have participated in the campaign are eligible to enter the draw for the grand prize with all their accumulated points.

* The users will have lucky draw entries based on their points, which means if a user has 10 points he will have 10 entries in the lucky draw

1. What are the prizes?
Every day 1 participant wins 50,000PKR. Every week 1 winner wins 500,000PKR. At the end of competition 1 lucky participant wins a 5,000,000PKR.

2. How many prizes this promotion gives?
Total prizes are 98!! 84 daily prizes, 13 weekly prizes and 1 grand prize

3. Can a winner of a prize win again another prize?
Winners cannot win the same prize twice.

4. Do I receive the prize immediately?
All the prizes will be delivered during the promotion to the winners. Winners will be notified by us & inform them on the delivery process.

5. Are the prizes transferable?

6. How and where do I claim my prize?
We will call you if you are the winner of any of the prizes, and inform you where and how you will receive your prize.

7. Do I need to claim the prize immediately after I won?
If you win, you will be contacted by us and informed about the exact procedure. Don’t worry! Just keep your mobile phone open at all times!

8. Who can win the daily prize?
Every day 1 participant wins via draw 50,000PKR. Everyone that plays at that day he will be eligible & enter the daily draw with the total points gathered till the end of that day.

9. Who can win the weekly prize?
Every week (every Monday) 1 participant wins via draw 500,000PKR. Everyone that plays at that week he will be eligible & enter the weekly draw with the total points gathered till end of this specific week.

10. Who can win the final grand prize?
At the last day of competition 1 participant wins via draw 5,000,000PKR. Everyone that plays during the promotion he will be eligible & enter the draw with the total points gathered from the start till the end of promotion.

11. What is the duration of the competition?
The competition starts on December 29th 2009 at 00.00 and ends on March 5th 2010 at 23.59. The total duration of the promotion is 98 days!!

12. What is the access number?

13. How can I be informed about the points I have gathered?
The points that you have gathered until that moment are mentioned in every SMS that you receive from short code 5555.

14. Which keyword can I send to see my total points?
You can send SCORE to 5555 and you will get a response with the total points that you have gathered so far during the promotion.

15. Which keyword can I send to opt-out?
If you do not want to receive any SMS messages regarding the promotion then send via SMS the keyword STOP or ST to the short code 5555. You can also call the [111] call center number and talk with an agent.

16. If I win how will I be informed?
The winner will be contacted by us. MobiLink will keep on trying to reach the winner for [7 days] so as to explain the process needed

17. I am not a subscriber of Mobilink, can I participate?
Unfortunately no. But if you wish you can get a prepaid Mobilink card and enter the game sending SMS to 5555.

18. What is the keyword to participate? How may points to I get?
You should send “JK” to 5555 in order to participate in the Promotion. With this SMS you get your first 10 points

19. After I sent keyword “JK” I receive an SMS that asks me to provide my name. In what format should I send it? How many points will I get?
You should sent only your name (not surname), for example “Maria”. If you send your name you get 100 points.

20. I have received an SMS that says: Surprise! Bonus Period! Win XXX points.
This means that you have entered a bonus phase where you can earn more that the usual given points. Every time that you enter a period where each question gives you more points, you will receive a message informing you about this period and the points you get. Do not worry it is easy! You always answer questions on all bonus phases!

21. How many points do I earn for every question that I answer?
If you answer the question correctly, you get at least 10 points. If you give a wrong answer you get 5 points. But during the game there are many bonus phases that give you much more that 10 points. Send more SMSs to discover them.

22. Who CANNOT win prizes to the promo?
The employees of MobiLink, their first degree relatives and all the employees of companies that co operate with MobiLink for the Promotion.

23. Is there a limit as to the number of SMS I have to send?

24. Which number can I call for more information about the promotion?
If you want more information you can dial Mobilink’s customer care number [111]

25. If I answer wrong to questions do I get points?
Yes you get points. For each wrong answer you get 5 points meaning 5 entries to the draws!

26. I receive different amount of points in every questions. What happened? Is this a mistake of the system or something else?
You don’t have to worry about this. The promotion includes some bonus phases where the participants win more points than the normal flow. Each time you enter such a phase you receive a message explaining how the bonus phase works. Please check your SMS inbox to find this message.

27. Will I lose my earned points?
No. You never lose your points!!

28. What is the cost of every SMS that I am sending to 5555?

29. Do I pay for the SMS I get back?
No they are free of charge

30. I received a lot of SMS for the promo. Do I pay for those?
No they are free of charge

31. If I don’t have my Mobilink connection in my name can I be a winner?
As per rules & regulations you need to have your Mobilink connection in your name to claim the winning amount.

Bonus Points Criteria & Process Flow
Magic Minute Mechanism
Players who send an SMS closer to the magic minute get bonus points in multiples.

Happy Hours
Happy Hours are an extra rewarding scheme. During happy hours all questions that are given to the players will be awarded with double or triple points or multiple points in general.

Silver and Gold
QuestionsDuring the contest players will receive few questions termed as silver & golden questions and by answering these questions the users can win bonus points.

Package game (3 or 5 questions)
The players will be offered different package games where they can win extra points by answering correctly the questions in a series and if they reach to the last level they will win bonus points.

Turbo Game
To motivate high point-earners, they will be sent different questions during a specific phase/time intervals and by answering these questions during that specific time they can win double points.

Start Bonus
This rewarding scheme lasts from 1 hour to 1 day. The start bonus phase will be announced via SMS to all players. Every correct answer gives 50 points which increase till end of the bonus phase. Every wrong/invalid answer gives 5 points. When the time frame passes, the players will get back to the normal points system. The bonus points keep increasing, whether the answers are correct or not.

•1st answer = correct = 50 points
•2nd answer = correct = 150 points
•3rd answer = correct = 200 points
•4th answer = correct = 300 points
•1st answer = wrong = 5 points
•2nd answer = wrong = 5 points

3-5-10 Bonus
This rewarding scheme lasts for the whole day. The players will be informed about it via broadcast. On this bonus phase the player needs to:

•Answer 3 questions correctly in a row and get a number of bonus points (e.g. 500 points)
•Then, answer 5 questions correctly in a row and get 1,000 points
•Then, answer 10 questions correctly in a row and get 2,000 points
•After this, participant gets highest amount of points (2,000) on every 28th, 38th, 48th, until rewarding scheme ends

Golden question
In this bonus phase, the player gets for e.g. 250 bonus points for every second correct answer that he/she gives. The bonus points keep increasing by 250 points

Terms and Conditions
•Daily prizes will be delivered within 10 working days, weekly within 15 working days & grand prize within 1 month of the lucky draw.
•One particular user can not win two similar cash prizes during the campaign. For example, same customer cannot win daily or weekly prize twice. However the customer will be eligible for Grand Prize lucky draw of PKR 50,00,000 at the end of the campaign with all accumulated points.
•All applicable Govt taxes will be deducted from the prize money before handing over the prize amount to the winner.
•The SIM should be registered in the name of the prize claimer.
•Indigo users can also participate in the campaign.
•In case of post paid connection, until & unless all the dues are cleared, prize money will not be handed over to the winner.
•Mobilink’s decision will be deemed final in case of any dispute.

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