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Refer warid connection to your friends and win free minutes, sms, GPRS buckets

Pin It Refer warid connection to your friends and win free minutes, sms, GPRS buckets

Time to Port-in to Warid

Just visit

Warid brings you an exiting yet convenient way of Porting your Friends & family numbers to Warid Network, using their existing code & number. Just dial 0321-3213211 and you will get personalized consultancy and support to Port-In to Warid Network, with some very special offers.

By referring your friends and family for porting-in to Warid. For every referral that is successfully ported-in, the referee will get any of the following rewards.

1.Free minutes worth Rs. 100 (7 days expiry)

2.500 MBs of data download (7 days expiry)

3.10,000 On-net SMS (7 days expiry)

Once the referred number is successfully ported on to Warid’s network, a SMS will be sent to the referee confirming their eligibility of using their chosen reward.

1.What is Warid’s Mobile Network Portability number?
Off-net customers can port-in to Warid’s Network through Mobile Network Portability keeping their existing number and code.

2.How can an Off-net customer port-in to Warid?
Customers of all networks can port-in to Warid by dialing 0321-321-321-1 or by visiting the nearest Business Center/Franchise or the Warid Website.

3.What benefit or advantages will I get if I refer or bring any number from other network to Warid?
You will get only one of the following once a successful referral by you is ported-in completely:

Free minutes worth Rs. 100 (7 days expiry)
500 MBs of data download (7 days expiry)
10,000 On-net SMS (7 days expiry)

4.Can I check the count of free minutes, SMS and/or GPRS units through EOCN & *100# from my prepaid number? Otherwise how can I check my usage count from postpaid or prepaid number?
The standard balance inquiry will be catered through the *100#, and rewarded units will be available through EOCN.

5.I am a postpaid user, what will happen to my existing free minutes offered on my existing plan and what about the new minutes I will be eligible for after successful port-in?
All postpaid users who refer a number will get a Credit Note of Rs. 100 each time.

6.How will I be informed that I have got free minutes, SMS and GPRS Units?
Upon successful port-in, you will receive the conformation on your rewards through SMS.

7.What is the amount of free minutes awarded on a single port-in? Will it differ in prepaid port-in or postpaid port-in, e.g. in case of prepaid port-in, 5 minutes and in case of postpaid port-in, 10 minutes?
If the referee is prepaid subscriber, free minutes worth Rs. 100 will be given for both prepaid or postpaid port-ins every time. However, if referee is a postpaid subscriber, a Credit Note worth Rs. 100 will be posted to their account for each referral.

8.What reward will I get if I send more than one referrals?
The amount of free units is a direct multiple of number of successful referrals for port-in subscribers

9.How will I get confirmation that the person I referred has successfully ported-in or not? Will I be update via SMS, call or email etc?
You will get a confirmation SMS once free units are transferred in your account

10.Can I avail my free minutes on all networks?
Yes, but the rate charged will be existing package rates for voice.

11.I am a postpaid user and already have free minutes, free SMS, Free GPRS services on my package plan. In such case what will expire first, my rewarded free minutes or my existing bundle package.
You rewarded gift will expire first.

12.I am a prepaid customer and already have Free SMS & GPRS units on my package plan. In such case what will expire first, my existing services or my rewarded Free Units.
Your rewarded units will expire first.

13.If I don’t get any intimation that I have been awarded the free reward units, how can I confirm?

You can check through two options:

On the Warid website in “Member’s Area” by clicking on the link “my referred leads”
By calling 321 and asking status of a particular “referred number”

14.Will I get all 3 things i.e. free minutes, SMS & GPRS at the same time or separately?
A customer has to choose only one of the free units (minutes, SMSs or data) against each referral.

15.What will be the usage unit for GPRS, example if I use 50 Kb in single attempt, which 50 kb will be subtracted from my actual free GPRS units or some specific data unit will be subtracted?
GPRS rate and pulse is Rs 0.2/MB, but the charging will be on per 64KB usage.

16.Expiry will be from the time I received the free units or from the date. Example: if I receive free units at 10 Jan 1700hrs, it will be valid till 17 Jan 1700 hrs or from 10 Jan – 17 Jan?
It will be from 10th Jan -17th Jan. i.e. in this case the free units will expire on 17th Jan at 23:59:59

17.If I get another person ported-in successfully before expiry of gift free units, will I get the new gift free units at the same time or first I have to finish my previous free units that were awarded to me earlier? In case new free units are given, will the expiry date of previous added to my new expiry.
In that case please find below the answer:-
If you already have free rewarded units for voice and next free units has to be given for Voice as well then your remaining free units will be added up with the new ones and the expiry for both will be added to next 7 days from the date the new units for voice are posted.

If a user already has been given free units of voice and the next free units have to be given for other service ie SMS/GPRS, then both rewards cannot be added as they are measured in different units. New units will be given and the previous ones will be cleared. Expiry will be set to 7 days from the date new units for SMS/GPRS are posted. Same for all other such cases, e.g. if old units are for GPRS and new units requested for SMS/Voice.

18.After how long of successful port-in referral, the gifted free units will be awarded to the customer.
48 Hours Maximum

19.Can I confirm that how many total numbers of ports-in requests are referred by him?
Yes, by logging in to “Member’s Area” on Warid website.

20.Will this port-in referral only be applicable on request through MNP Portal and MNP IVR? What if I requested any friend to directly port-in through Business Center\Franchise or Commercial Website and my referral was successful?
You can also refer a number for port in through portal or through our call center but you will need to call at 0321-321-321-1 or visit Members area on the Warid website to claim your reward against the lead referred.

21.Can I change my reward from voice to SMS or GPRS or vice versa after I have subscribed to it?
No once a reward is availed you cannot change it on the same referral reward

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