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Ufone Music Station Service

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Ufone Music Station

Music can’t sound any better than this!...
...Ufone introduces a custom made service that will Rock Ur world-Ufone Music Station

To use this service, simply dial 555 and choose between Music Station, Personal Playlist Radio Moods and Jukebox Genres.

Now Ufone Music Station brings a complete new musical experience for U. Subscription to the service has been made simpler and economical for the user. Now listen to live stream of various Radio Channels, create, edit and share your Playlist from a library of over 10,000 songs in various languages or just listen to your favorite song moods under Jukebox category.

-Press 1 for ‘Radio Moods’. Radio Moods consists of live streaming from various radio channels including live MJ shows.
-Press 2 for ‘Jukebox Genres’. User can chose from a variety of genres. The Ur Song category has been also added to this section.
-Press 3 for ‘Playlist’. User can chose from a variety of songs and create his favorite personal playlist.

You can also create your very own playlists and download your favourite ringtones of these songs, while listening to Ufone Music Station.

Users who have already created their playlist, they will hear the options:

-Press 1 for Playlist
-Press 2 for Radio Moods
-Press 3 for Jukebox Genres

Radio Moods:

Radio Moods consist of eight different channels. Channel 1 hosts live session with MJs. This channel plays music selected by jockeys and also features live celebrity interviews, live music performances and poetry.

Jukebox Genres:

Jukebox Genres consist of the various channels each containing a database of hundreds of songs to suit the various moods of Ufone music lovers. Every time the songs are played in the random order. Following channels are available under this category.

How do I create/edit my Playlist?
-You can add any song from Ufone Radio, simply by pressing ‘3’ during the song.
-To move to another channel, press ‘#’ key followed by channel number.
-To download a ringtone or set a song as your Utune, press ‘*’ key at any time

How to I record my own song?
-To record your own song using Ur Song feature, Simply Press ‘1’.
-To listen to previously recorded , press ‘2’.
-To search a song by mobile number, press ‘3’.
To go back to main menu user will press ‘0’.

Monthly subscription charge
Rs 20/-+tax
Per Min rate is Re 0.20/-+tax

Terms and Conditions:
-You require GPRS activation before downloading Real tones. Standard GPRS charges apply.
-Charges to download Real Tones are Rs. 5/- plus tax.
-Playlist sharing is free of cost.
-The service is available to prepaid customers.
-This service is accessible on all kinds of handsets sets.

Ufone Music Station – WAP Portal
Ufone brings another exciting feature on Ufone Music Station. Now you can search for your favorite song/artist or movie, listen to the song on IVR, dedicate the song, download the full track, download ringtone or set the song as your UTune right through the Ufone Music Station WAP portal! Simply go to and click on Ufone Music Station.


-Charges to download a song are Rs. 20+tax for prepaid customers. No data charges apply
-Charges to download a song are Rs. 5+tax plus data charges for postpaid customers
-Charges to dedicate a song are Rs. 20+tax. The recipient will not have to bear any GPRS charges to download the song
-Charges to download Polytones and Monotones are Rs. 5+tax
-Charges to download True tones are Rs. 10+tax
-Charges to set a song as a UTune is Rs. 5+tax. If you are not subscribed to UTunes, you will be charged subscription charges of Rs. 20+tax per month
-Charges to listen to the song are Rs. 3+tax per minute
-Standard data charges apply on browsing the portal
-Standard data charges apply for postpaid customers on downloading the songs and ring tones. --No data charges apply for prepaid customers

SMS Search:
To use the SMS Search feature:

-Simply type one word of a song (Bollywood, English or Pakistani); and send it to the SMS Short code 484
-You will receive a response SMS with a list of songs that match the search criterion along with an option to reply with ‘m’ to search for additional songs.
-Reply with ‘m’ to get the list of additional songs that match the search criterion will be displayed
-Once the song is found, reply with A, B, C, D or E to select the song
-In response, You will receive an SMS confirming the song, along with an option to reply with P for Polytone, M for Monotone, R for Realtone, U to set the song as a Utune or dial an IVR code to directly listen to the song.

-Select M for a Monotone, you will be then asked for the confirmation about the handset type, after which the monotone will be received
-Select P for Polytone or R for Realtone, you will be sent an SMS confirmation of the ringtone which will be sent to the your handset shortly.

-By selecting U the ringtone would be set as Utune accordingly
-If you select the IVR option you will be taken directly to listen the song you have searched for.

-SMS Search charges are Rs.2/-+ Tax per SMS
-Charges to receive a monotone are Rs.2/-+ Tax
-Charges to download poly tones and real tones are Rs. 5/- + Tax
-Charges to listen to the song are Rs.3/+ Tax per minute
-Charges to set the song as a UTune are Rs.5/+ Tax

Terms and Conditions:
-This service is available to all Ufone customers on all packages (Prepaid, Postpaid)
-The songs are available in four different formats which are compatible with all handsets that have a WAP browser. Songs will be pushed in wma, mp3, amr and aac formats.
-Average song size is 1.5 MB and takes on average 4-6 minutes to download
-Once a song is completely downloaded, the link will expire and it will not be possible to download song from the same link again
-GPRS is required to browse the portal and download the songs/ring tones. You will be required to have a GPRS/EDGE enabled handset
-You can access the WAP Music Station through Ufone WAP Portal only

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