Monday, February 22, 2010

Jazz News Watch service

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Jazz now brings News alerts direct to your mobile phone screen! Jazz is always there for you whether it is connecting with your loved ones or staying updated with the current news - Jazz is the one stop solution that simplifies communication. And now with Jazz News Watch you can watch the latest news straight on your mobile phone screen. So wherever you are, the current news is only a button-click away.

In this age of information it has become imperative to keep yourself updated. Live coverage of all major events means that viewers are constantly updated with happenings around them. Currently, a number of SMS based News alert services are offered by different service providers, however these services lack the appeal of sound and visuals. In order to satisfy the demand of real visual news, Mobilink brings the TV screen to your handhelds.

“Jazz News Watch” is an MMS based news alert service. Subscribers of this service can receive headline news clip from their favorite TV channel after every 4 hour as seen on their TV screens. Jazz NEWS Watch is a subscription based service. User can subscribe to this service against monthly subscription fee of Rs. 30+ Tax. Service Details are as under:

Subscription process:
◦User can subscribe to this service by sending MMS to Short code 434.
◦In return application sends SMS from short code 431 with list of available channels to subscribe.
◦User selects the channel of his\her choice and sends response to 431 (Postpaid subscribers will send their response to 433)
◦User will get confirmation SMS & MMS of successful subscription

Un-subscription process:
◦To unsubscribe this service user must send SMS to ‘431’ by typing “unreg”

NEWS Alerts:
◦Subscribers of this service will receive MMS after every 4 hours
◦MMS contains the video clip of latest headline NEWS from the channel of their choice
◦In case of subscription to more than 1 channel user will receive multiple news clips

Service Charges:
◦MMS to 434 @ Rs. 6 + Tax per MMS
◦SMS to 431 @ Rs. 1+ Tax per SMS
◦Monthly Subscription: Rs.30+ Tax / channel

Other details:
◦Service is compatible with all MMS enabled handsets
◦News Watch is available to all Indigo and Jazz subscribers
◦Currently 3 channels are available for subscription
◦User can subscribe to multiple channels, however Rs. 30+ Tax monthly subscription fee will be charged for every channel
◦More channels will be added soon

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