Thursday, February 11, 2010

lowest customer complaints in 2008-09 with Warid:PTA

Pin It Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. country’s third largest and the most caring cellular operator with an aggregate of 18.71 million satisfied customers sets industry standards of customer care excellence. In a recent report issued on customer complaints by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) Warid Telecom is the telecom operator with the lowest customer complaints in 2008-09. It clearly reflects the level of customer trust and effective after sales services Warid provides to its valuable customers. Warid Telecom has one of the largest distribution channels and customer services network in the country, allowing it to offer wide accessibility and exceptional customer services across Pakistan.

At Warid, the philosophy of service excellence is practiced in a manner where customers are given no chance to complain and in case of any issue customers are given immediate resolution through highly personalized and caring service. Having deployed a practice of “Customer Experience Management” the team of highly skilled professionals at Warid Customer Services serves almost 182,383 customers on average in 24 hours through two state of the art Contact Centers in Lahore and Karachi. Also there are almost 7000 walk-in customers entertained every day through 23 Sales and Service Centers out of which 3 are Mobile Business Centers (Service on the wheels - an innovation in the Cellular Industry). There is another large network of 320 franchises serving Warid customers throughout Pakistan. To effectively gauge the customer experience, an innovative feedback program “Customer Delight” is practiced, ensuring each customer coming in contact remembers Warid’s way of serving in a pleasant manner. Aiming to exceed customer expectations and make it more personalized “Priority Customer Services” and “Centric Services” are there and constantly delivering with the needs of Corporate and high profile customers. Having tremendous progress and remarkable brand reputation Warid Telecom continues to earn customer trust and loyalty by setting exemplary standards of service excellence in the industry.

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