Friday, February 26, 2010

Telenor Easy paisa new service transfer money, pay bill with your own mobile

Pin It Telenor easy paisa new service transfer money, pay bill with your own mobile

How to do

About Mobile Account
Telenor is now proud to introduce another ground breaking service for its subscribers called "easypaisa Mobile Account". Using "easypaisa Mobile Account" Telenor subscribers will now be able to pay bills, transfer money and use many more services from their own mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.

easypaisa Mobile Account is virtual bank account and work just like a normal bank account. This service is available only for existing and new Telenor subscribers. Account can be opened from any Telenor Sales and Service Center, Telenor Franchise or Tameer Bank branch. Mobile Account have no minimum balance requirements and account opening is instant.

Once an easypaisa Mobile Account is opened, users can go to any of the thousands of easypaisa shops in Pakistan to 'Deposit Cash' into or 'Withdraw Cash' from their easypaisa Mobile Account.

Who can use Mobile Account?
1.Any person with a Telenor SIM who wants to have an instant access to their Bank Account from their mobile phone can use easypaisa Mobile Account.

2.Any person with a Telenor SIM who wants to have the freedom to send money to or receive money from other people, or pay utility bills from their own mobile phone at any time.

3.Any person with a Telenor SIM who wants to be part of the largest banking network with thousands of cash deposit/withdrawal points in Pakistan which are open at late working hours and also on the weekends.

Product Features
-Instant access to your Mobile Banking Account anytime, anywhere
-Any Telenor current or new subscriber can open a Mobile Account. No prior Bank Account is needed; anyone with a Telenor SIM can avail and use this service
-Send money to any person with a valid NADRA CNIC or to any other easypaisa Mobile Account. Utility bills can also be paid instantly from an easypaisa Mobile Account
-Cash Deposit into a Mobile Account or Cash Withdrawal from any Mobile Account can be done at more than 5,000 easypaisa merchants in more than 450 cities in Pakistan
-The following transactional limits apply to all easypaisa Mobile Account, as regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan. Rs. 10,000 per day, Rs. 20,000 per month and Rs. 120,000 per year. These limits apply on both credits and debits in a Mobile Account
-A customer can only keep a maximum of Rs. 60,000 in his easypaisa Mobile Account at any time
-Sunday or Monday you can do transactions any day, anytime from anywhere. No more travelling, or no more waiting in long queues
-Secure Encrypted Transactions based on GSM standards and State Bank of Pakistan regulations
-Dedicated customer helpline / support available 24/7

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