Friday, February 5, 2010

Zong introduces Dial Tune Application

Pin It Zong introduces Dial Tune Application

Zong introduces Dial Tune Application with some new features

Service Details
This application is a very handy medium through which subscribers can use all the features available on our DialTunes service. The main advantage of this application is that the customer will have a library of the most popular 4000+ songs just a few clicks away. Neither does the customer need to dial in to the DialTunes IVR nor does he/she have to wait for SMS bulk promotions to select content and go through a cumbersome process to access all the service features.

Following is a list of all the features available through this application:

-Set your DialTune
-Gift DialTunes to your friends
-Set DialTunes for special friends
-View and update your DialTunes library
-Delete DialTunes from your library
-Access to latest content of more than 4000 songs, jokes, dialogues, hamds, naats etc
-Content will be refreshed every month

How to do

-The customer will send <> to SMS SC 250
-In reply the customer will receive a WAP Push for the URL:
-By clicking on this link the subscriber will able to download the DialTunes application

Subscription - Rs.10/month+tax

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