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Warid New GLOW 2.0 Tariff

Pin It Warid New GLOW 2.0 Tariff

Warid New Glow 2.0 Tariff
Now, Warid brings you an electrifying prepaid brand, which is as unique as you. Loaded with exciting new features, Glow introduces you to a world where you define your own style. You choose how to make the best use of our incredible services. Finally, a high quality network gives you what you really want- Complete Control!

Call 10 Glow Gang Friends with Glow 2.0 (5 off-net & 5 on-net numbers)
Any number, Any network for just Rs. 0.61/30sec.

To activate:

•New Warid Customers: Dial 789 to activate Glow 2.0
•Existing Warid Prepaid or Glow Customers: Dial 321 or SMS Glow2.0 to 5060
•Port-In to Warid’s superior quality network using our Mobile Number Portability Service (MNP), whilst keeping your existing number & network code. You can enjoy better quality, amazing features and unmatched rates. Dial 0321-321-321-1 & let us take care of the rest.

Taxes apply.
Per 30 seconds billing applies, unless specified.
Rs. 1 +Tax will be charged only on the first Glow Gang off-net call made in a day.

Glow Gang:
Favorite 5 off-net & 5 on-net numbers

On-net: To all other Warid numbers

Off-net: To all other mobile networks & landline numbers

Weekdays: Monday to Friday

Peak hours: 8am to 11pm

Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 8am

Weekends: Saturday & Sunday

Peak hours: 5pm to 11pm

Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 5pm

Glow Gang Details

Number of Glow Gang Friends: 10 (5 off-net & 5 on-net)

Check Glow Gang list: SMS List to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax

Add a Glow Gang Friend: SMS Add to 129 @ Rs. 9+tax

Delete a Glow Gang Friend: SMS Del to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax

You can change your Glow Gang numbers as many times as you like.

Taxes apply
•MMS is charged both for receiving and sending.
•MMS unit is a message of size 250KB on-net and 100KB off-net & on international numbers.
•Mobile Internet (GPRS) unit is charged per 64KB.

Glow SMS Bundles
Unlimited texting in the World of Glow

Send unlimited SMS to any number, any time, on all networks in Pakistan.
•250 SMS @ Rs. 2.99+tax/day
To activate, SMS Glow250 to 7070 or call 321

•700 SMS @ Rs. 6.99+tax/week
To activate, SMS Glow700 to 7070 or call 321

Frequently Asked Questions

•I am a new Warid customer, how do I activate Glow 2.0?
Please dial 789 to activate Glow 2.0.

•I am an existing Warid customer, how can I switch to Glow 2.0?
Please dial 321 and select Glow 2.0 or SMS glow2.0 to 5060. An activation charge of Rs.25+tax applies.

•Is this a Postpaid or Prepaid package?
This is a prepaid package.

•What is the billing pulse for Glow 2.0?
All rates are charged at a 30 seconds pulse, unless specified.

•How many Glow Gang Friends can I add?
You can add up to 10 Glow Gang Friends - 5 off-net and 5 on-net. Please refer to Glow Gang details.

•Can I change, add or delete my Glow Gang Friends?
Yes, you can, whenever you want to. Please see Glow Gang details.

•Is there a rental charge on this package?
No, there is no rental charge on this package. However, you will be charged Rs.1+tax only on the first off-net Glow Gang call you make in a particular day. This charge will not be applicable on any further calls on the same day or if NO off-net Glow Gang call is made in a day.

•Can I avail for SMS Craze, Voice Craze, Infinite Craze, Sunday Craze and Zoom while being a Glow 2.0 customer?
No, you cannot subscribe to these packages while being a Glow 2.0 customer.

•Can I activate GPRS and send MMS on Glow 2.0?
You can activate your GPRS & MMS service by dialing 321.

Terms & Conditions

•For Prepaid connection, please submit your Warid connection form with a copy of your CNIC.
•Dial 789 for new SIM activation.
•“Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA.”
•Kindly note that all calls will automatically disconnect after 50 minutes.
•19.5% FED on usage & 10% withholding tax on rechage apply.
•Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion.

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