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Djuice Reverse Auction Service

Pin It Djuice Reverse Auction Service

Want to bid for a Nokia Express Music Phone 5230 Touch Screen? Then don't bid high; Bid LOW!

Just when you thought that life couldn't get better then comes along a wacky new way to bid through SMS for your favorite item via Djuice Reverse Auction- the auction with a twist!

The What...


Forget about bidding a large amount to be in the running; forget about the monotony of the game, try your hand at Djuice Reverse Auction where the rules of the game are not what you are used to.

All you have to remember is that your bid should be:
(a) the lowest
(b) the most unique!

So instead of bidding Rs 18,000 for a Nokia phone, bid & buy it for Rs 1856 only!

So buckle up for this exciting and interactive auction and start sending your bids to win! Our intelligent mechanism will guide you through SMS regarding your current bidding status.

Time may be limited to place your bids but your bids are not! The more bids you send, the greater the chance for you to win!

Brace yourselves and get ready for the ultimate bidding experience.

The How...
You can participate in the auction by sending in your bids. The system will compare your bid against the existing bids and update you with the appropriate reply from the below scenarios.

Lowest Unique Bid Response:
You will get this response if your bid is the Lowest Unique. In other words, you are the winner until someone outbids you.

Unique Bid Response:
You will get this response if your bid is Unique but not lowest. This tells you to bid again with a lower amount.

Lowest Bid Response:
You will get this response if your bid is lowest but not unique since many people have sent this bid. Therefore, you are supposed to try with a greater value so that your bid becomes Lowest Unique, that is, lowest amongst all the unique bids.

Out Bided Response:
You will get this response if you were the winner at one point in time having Lowest Unique bid but are now out bidden by someone else. Therefore, you have to try again with a different bid.

Neither Lowest nor Unique Bid Response:
You will get this response if your bid is neither lowest nor unique. Therefore, you have to try again with lower bids.

Already Lowest Unique Bid Response:
You will get this response if the bid you have sent earlier is already Lowest Unique. In other words, your bid is the winning bid until you are out bidden by someone else with a lower unique bid.
To participate, send bidYour Amount to
Bid Amount Range is
Rs 1-2000. Example: SMS 'bid 250' to 3000

The Price...
SMS Charges: Rs.5+tax.

The Fine Print…
The bids will be refreshed for both auctions, which means that for the second auction, you can re-send the bids that you sent earlier in the first auction

-Competition is open to all Telenor subscribers resident in Pakistan and of or above 18 years of age.
-Winner Customer has to have the Telenor mobile number in his/her or parents/relative name. -A copy of CNIC would also be required for age and number verification.
-Winner would need to pay the bidding amount to receive the Nokia Express Music Phone.

-Telenor Pakistan will contact the winning bidder for details.
-The maximum number of bids by a customer should not exceed 1000.
-Telenor Pakistan reserves the right to change the auction items in case of non availability of specified item due to any reason. In that case, Telenor Pakistan shall offer another item of similar quality, features and value.
-The decision of Telenor Pakistan in relation to this campaign would be final and binding on all participating players.

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