Saturday, May 1, 2010

PTCL Cricket Info Service for T20 WorldCup and more

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PTCL does have solution to their problems!!!

On the occasion of T-20 World Cup, PTCL proudly announces Cricket info service through which PSTN and VFONE subscribers of PTCL will be able to listen to live commentary of cricket matches just by dialing a four digit access code 1422 and listening to the live commentary.

Package Tariff:
•Each call will be charged @ Rs 1 / Minute (Exclusive of tax)
•No service subscription required.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1. Who can avail Cricket Info Service?
Ans: All the existing and new PTCL customers either of PSTN or WLL, who are Cricket Diehards/affectees of electricity load shedding.

Q2 . How do I access this service? What are the service charges?
Ans: You just have to dial 1422 and listen to the live commentary of ongoing match. The service would be charged Rs 1+ Tax/ Minute.

Q3. I am unable to access both the service?
Ans: Call 1236 helpline and register a complaint.

Q4. Will I be charged for cricket info service in case there is no live match available?
Ans: Yes.

Q5. . Under which the usage charges of cricket info and call me back services will be visible?
Ans: In the monthly bill, you can see the usage charges under the head “PRS/Voice Portal Charges”

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