Saturday, May 15, 2010

Talkshawk 24 Hrs Any Network Offer

Pin It Talkshawk 24 Hrs Any Network Offer

Talkshawk 24 Hrs Any Network Offer
Now Call ANY Network for only Re.1 per min - 24 hrs of the day!
This is a 24 hours service – no time window restriction

Customers on Talkshawk 30 second, Talkshawk Har Minute, Talkshawk A1 and TalkShawk Har Sec can avail this service

Customers can avail this rate by subscribing to the following offer:

Multiple subscriptions are possible

Subscription Mechanics: Customers need to dial *345*250# in order to purchase the Free Minutes
Validity: Validity of the Minutes will be 1 calendar day (up till 12 mid night). After that any remaining Free Minutes will be confiscated

How can a customer activate this Service?
Customer needs to dial *345*250# to activate this service

What is the validity of this service?
1 calendar day (same day as activation) up till 12 midnight

What is the time window during which customer can consume the Free Mins in the bundle?
Customer can use the Free Minutes any time during the day before 12 midnight

What will happen in case of price plan change / migration?
In case subscriber migrates to another price plan, the Free Mins will be canceled.

Can this service be activated in any other way?
No, this service can only be activated by calling 555 IVR.

Are multiple subscriptions possible?
Yes, customers can subscribe multiple times and purchase the free minutes. The newly purchased Free Mins will be added to the existing mins in the subscribers account

Will the customer be able to subscribe to the Onnet Voice bundles available on IVR as well?
Yes, the Onnet bundles can still be subscribed. The Onnet bonus mins purchased will be added to the Onnet bonus account.

How can the number of un-used Free Mins be viewed?
The amount of valid Free Mins can be viewed by dialing *222#

Can Free Minutes of the voice bundle be used to call other mobile operators or PTCL?
If a customer has existing free minutes in his/her account and then subscribes to Voice bundles, free minutes for Onnet calls will be consumed first

If I use the Offnet bonus mins what will happen if I make more Offnet calls?
If the 4 Offnet bonus Mins are used up, any further Offnet mins used will be charged as per the regular price plan Offnet tariff. This shall be the case even if the user still has Onnet mins in his account

What will happen to existing Free Minutes that customers have?
If a customer has existing free minutes in his/her account than upon subscription new mins will be transferred to his/her free mins account and validity will be set to 1 day

What will happen if a customer subscribed to both TS 'Super 7' Offer & '24 Hrs Any Network' Offer?
During the Super 7 discount window, bundle Free Minutes (Onnet mins) will be consumed first and once they finish then discounted tariff of Super 7 will apply

What will be the impact of Voice Bundles on SIM Lagao Free Minutes?
In case a subscriber with valid Free Mins from the SIM Lagao offer subscribes to Daily Voice Bundles, the Free Mins from the Voice Bundle will be added to the SIM Lagao Free Mins and their validity will be set to 1 day.

What is the last date to activate this feature?
This is a limited time offer. Last date will be communicated later

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