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Ufone UTrack Service, find location of any Ufone user

Pin It Ufone UTrack Service, find location of any Ufone user

Ufone UTrack Service

Ufone has always been at its best when it comes to new and innovative value added services. Keep up with this tradition Ufone is now offering a set of four location based services (LBS) under the brand name UTrack. These service will allow users to find or locate friends, family, POI near the user, or just monitor employees and work force.

Key Features & Service Types:
UTrack services have the following feature:

Key Features:-

UTrack Find
UTrack Buddy
UTrack Family
UTrack Business

UTrack Find
With UTrack Find you can choose to find any of the following:

Find your friends location - you can request the location of any Ufone user.
Find your own Location – if you’re lost and wish to know where you are this feature will help you know where you are.
Find your Place of interest - locate businesses like restaurants, boutiques, Banks, etc. within the area that you may be.
Users can now see the list of MSISDNs they have allowed to check their location by sending an SMS on Short 2002
Users can get help through sending an SMS to short code 2002

Commands & actions to use this feature:
Any Ufone customer can initiate the request to track any other Ufone user. Simply SMS ‘Find recipients number’ e.g. ‘Find 923335199942’ to 2002
You can only find the users location if the recipient accepts your request, the following are the options the recipient will receive:
1. Yes, Just this time.
2. No.
3. Always.

If the recipient chooses option (1), the sender will receive the location of the User.
If the recipient chooses option (2), the sender will receive a message that “ the recipient has denied your request to locate his/her location”
If the recipient chooses option (3), the initiator can track the location of the recipient anytime without requiring permission. This permission is valid for 180 days.
Except in case of unlimited permission, whenever the subscriber sends a request to track the location, the recipient will receive an SMS notifying them that their location has been tracked by the initiator.
To de-activate this permission, recipient should SMS ‘No initiators number’ e.g. No 92333519xxxx’ to 2001. This will discontinue the permission the user had to access your location.
In case of unlimited permission the user will not be notified when they are tracked.
You can also track your own location. Simply SMS ‘Find Me’ or ‘Find your own number’ e.g Find 923335199942 to 2002. You can also locate popular places like restaurants, hotels, ATM’s and tourist spots in the vicinity. SMS ‘Find Near’ to 2002 and get the following list of categories to choose from, the information will be given of Point Of Interest within a range of 2 km.

1. ATMs & Banks
2. Attractions
3. Community
4. Education
5. Emergency
6. Entertainment
7. Food
8. Fuel
9. Lodging
10. Offices
11. Shopping

Within every category you will be given a list of information from which you can pick a specific sub category for which you require further details for.
In some categories you can reply with ‘M’ to get more options, e.g. in restaurants you will get ten categories, to get a list of more restaurants reply with ‘M’.

Rs. 3/- + tax per request.
No subscription is required for this service. You will be charged on a per-request basis.
The service is available to both prepaid and postpay subscribers.

UTrack Buddy
With UTrack Buddy you can get SMS alerts telling you whenever your friends are in the vicinity.
Users can now see the list of buddies they have added by sending an SMS on Short 2021
Users can get help through sending an SMS short code 2021
Users will receive a SMS to confirm their subscription every month.

Commands & Actions to use this feature:
How to Register to UTrack Buddy - SMS ‘SUB’ to 2010.
How to Add Friends - On successful registration, you will receive a confirmation SMS that you have been subscribed to the service. Simply reply to the same SMS with the following text format to add your friends. ‘Add 923335199942 92333519xxxx”. You can add up to 2 friends for free by sending the same to 2017.
You can however add as many friends as you want (other than the two free friends) at an additional cost of Rs.25/- + tax per friend. Simply SMS the following command to add new friends e.g. Add 9233XXXXX to 2017.
All the recipient members will receive a confirmation SMS mentioning their consent to activate ‘UTRACK BUDDY‘.
The recipient can choose 1 to allow to be tracked and 2 to decline.
You can remove a particular friend at any time by sending an SMS e.g.’ No 923335199942’ to 2017 to or “UNSUB” by sending SMS to the 2017 to cancel the subscription.
Whenever your friends are in the same area, you will receive an SMS informing you that your friends are in the same area.
Our System will check if your friends are in the same location after every 15 minutes. If your friends are found in the same location the next location check will be done after an hour for that particular friend or friends.
Once friends are detected in the same location both or member in the same vicinity will get an alert.

Registration Charges – Rs.50 + tax/month
After registration of two friends for FREE, all other friends can be added at Rs. 25 + tax per additional friend.
Available to both prepaid and post pay subscribers.

UTrack Family
With UTrack Family you can keep a track on where your family members are. Below are the list of things you can track within this feature:

Find the location of your family members on an hourly basis
Get regular updates on your family online and through SMS at any time of the day
Get different tracking time for different family members
Get a web based log of all family activities. The Online log will provide detailed history. The log history is saved for up to one year
Users can add up to 5 members only.
Subscribers will receive a confirmation request through SMS to confirm their subscription every month
Users can now see the list of family members they have added by sending an SMS on Short 2003
Users can get help through sending an SMS short code 2003

Commands & Actions to use this feature:
To register SMS ‘SUB’ to 2004.
How to Add Members: After successful registration, you will receive an SMS, simply reply to the SMS with the recipient numbers, separated by a space e.g. ‘Add 92333500xxxx 9233251xxxxx’. You can only add four family members like this
To add a fifth or more members, SMS ‘Add 92334520xxxx’ to 2007.
All recipients will receive an SMS for their consent to be tracked. Recipients will have to reply with ‘1’ for Yes and ‘2’ for No before being tracked or not. The recipient will however not be able to cancel the subscription without the approval of the family head/Master account.
Web Login: On successful registration, you will receive a password through SMS which can be used to access the online account. The online login will allow you to add/remove/edit the recipients and view the log history. The web portal can be accessed on
You can also access the log through SMS. SMS ‘History’ and send it to 2003 to get a 3-hour log history via SMS.
To remove a member SMS e.g. ‘No 92334567xxxx’ to 2003.
To unsubscribe from the service SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 2003.

Registration Charges: Rs.100/+Tax per month (for up to 5 family members).
User will be charged Rs.3/+Tax to retrieve the log history through SMS.
Rs.3/+Tax to remove a member.
Available to both post pay and prepay subscribers.

UTrack Business
UTrack Business helps you keep track of your employees and ensure effectiveness.

Track Employees - The service will help meet requirement of the corporate sector and organizations by tracking/updating their employees’ locations.
It will keep detail logs of all employees.
Employer can check updated information through web or even check history log through the web interface.
Individual employees can also be tracked through SMS.
Location of individuals can also been seen on map over the web interface.

This added feature will allow subscribers of UBusiness to set hierarchy and define access levels to monitor employees on the same account via web interface.

Access Level 0 (Accountholder): In the hierarchy, Account Holder is a parent account and will possess the main login; this is only account that will be charged. Account holder will have all the privileges to change and modify members. Account Holder’s MSISDN cannot be tracked unless added as a member/employee.
Access Level 1: This is the second level from the top. Members of Access level 1 will have their own domain, with two other levels of hierarchy (level 2 and level 3) under them. Level 1 members will be able to modify, add and view members under their domain. Users of Access level 1 will also have the privilege to define tracking schedules for members in their domain and download hourly reports for their account.
Access Level 2: User of access level 2 will only have viewing/tracking privileges. Users of Level 2 will only view and monitor ‘executives’ (Access Level 3) defined under them; tracking schedules will be defined by Level 0 or 1 users. However each user of Level 2 will have their personal login and password.
Access Level 3: Executive is the last level in the hierarchy. They do not have any access on the web interface. They will be tracked as per the schedule defined.

Commands & Actions to use this feature:
To subscribe SMS ‘SUB’ to 2360, 2370, 2380, 2390 or 2391(2360, 2370, 2380, 2390 or 2391 are short codes for the five packages offered)
On successful subscription a Client Login ID and password will be created and communicated to the customer via SMS.
You will use the login detail to access the web portal where you can enter the number of each employee you wish to add individually. Bulk loading will only be done by Ufone.
You can also contact customer service by calling 333 or 111-333-100 or by going to customer center and share a list of numbers. This list will be added to your account and you will be billed accordingly.
Employees can also be saved by their names along with their number.
An SMS will be sent to all the employees to take their consent. The employees will be clearly informed that their location will be tracked on an hourly basis, and it can only be done if they give their consent through a reply SMS. In all cases, the website will have updated statuses.
The location of all employees will be updated on the web portal on an hourly basis according to a schedule and this log will be saved and accessible online for a period of 12 months. The employer can also track the location of an employee through SMS by sending e.g. ‘FIND 923335199942’ to 240.
The respective registration fee will be charged from the employer’s post pay account every month.
To terminate the service, SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 240.
The employee can also turn off their consent by sending ‘Unsubemployers number’ e.g. ‘UNSUB 923335199942’ to short code 240.The status of target users will be updated on the web portal accordingly e.g. Permission granted, Permission denied, permission cancelled.
You will also be able to see the location of the tracked number by clicking on the link on the webpage against the Number/Employee Name and see the location on Map.

In check location option, users will check the location of the employees they want to track.
User can also download hourly log from employee location.
Users will be able to check location according to hierarchy/Access level defined.
In Check log, level 0 and 1 users will be able to check history and activity log of the entire/individual account(s).
In view members, details of all the members and their current status can be viewed in respective hierarchy.
In the configure timer option, Accountholder/Level 0 or Managers/Level 1 can define the hour and day at which they want to check the location of the targeted group.
Each defined level can only be viewed according to user’s hierarchy/Access Level.
Users of UBusiness can now track their members on 30 minutes basis rather than 1 hour.
Billing will be done on prorated basis

UTrack Business Corporate Price Model

Subscription Mechanism:
Customers will SMS keyword “SUB” to the specific short code of the package they wants to subscribe. Users will receive a reply asking them to confirm their subscription. Charges for subscription will only be deducted on customer’s confirmation. Subscription will remain active till unsubscribed. Users can switch their packages at any time. Following are the Short code details:

Un-subscription Mechanism:
To unsubscribe users will SMS keyword “Unsub” to short code 240. Short Code 240 is charged at Rs. 1 + tax.

Un-subscription charges: Rs. 1 +Tax per SMS

New Packages:

Web interface

Subscribers of UTrack Family and UTrack Business can monitor their members through our web interface.

You can login to the website on the following link
Key in your login and password on the main screen.
If you forget your password, click on forgot password and send your request by providing the required information.
On a successful login you can use the navigate panel on the left side of the page to go to their desired option. You can perform the following function through the navigation panel:

Modify/update their profile.
Add member.
Modify member.
Check Location.
Check Log.
View Members.
Configure timer.
Change Password.

In check location you can check logs to see history locations of the tracked members.
In Check log you will be able to check history & activity log of your account.
In view members, details of all the members and their current status can be viewed.
In the configure timer option you can define the hour and day at which they want to check the location of the targeted user.

In UTrack Family you can define a check on individual members.
In UTrack Business a definition will be made for all employees.

Terms and Conditions:
-Only a Postpaid user can setup UTrack Business account.
E-mployees can have both prepaid or postpay connections for utrack business.
-Only 2 friends can be added in the registration fee for UTrack Buddy, all other friends are added at an additional cost.
-Only 5 members can be added in the registration fees for UTrack Family.
-Only Ufone numbers can be traced/tracked for all these services.
-In case of UTrack Family/UTrack Buddy and UTrack Business only one of these services can be subscribed on the same number at a time.
-In UTrack Family, added members cannot remove themselves. Members will only be removed by account holder.
-In UTrack Family log will only be displayed after the first three hours of creating the account and adding members.
-Multiple logins are not allowed on the web interface.

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