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We focused Improving mobile internet services: PTA

Pin It We focused Improving mobile internet services:PTA
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 By our correspondent KARACHI: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) focuses on value-added services and content to improve mobile internet facilities, a top official said.

Addressing Connect 2010 ICT Forum, telecom session at the Expo Centre Karachi, Dr Mohammed Yaseen, Chairman, PTA, said that the country has a high penetration level of mobile and low penetration of internet. “We have to explore available possibilities, which could be gained through mobile 2.0 theories.”

Mobile 2.0 is a next generation of mobile internet services that leverages the social web.

“Our emphasis is on e-commerce, e-agriculture and e-education. It is the time to open doors of opportunities to our young innovative minds and to bridge the unseen gaps between all the potential players of ICT proliferation,” he said.

“Revenue collection has enhanced and we look ahead to continue our revelation of promoting ICT sector of Pakistan through a joint collaborative approach,” he said.

“The future ICT technologies are likely to evolve two-fold in shape of “internet of things” where everyday objects can make simple communications online, and “innovation ecosystems” for dynamically exchanging resources, applications, services and knowledge,” he added.

In response to transparent policy and regulatory apparatus, the Pakistani market has observed liberalisation, greater private sector participation and competition. Yaseen said that the telecommunication industry has emerged as the most promising segment in Pakistan’s economy, bringing in substantial revenues and creating remarkable job opportunities for the youth.

Tele-density has increased to 62.5 per cent. During the last year, sector revenue increased by 20 per cent with a present number of 96.8 million subscribers.

Responding to questions of journalists regarding access of police to the CDR, he said that this is confidential data and the matter will be resolved by the Interior Ministry by formulating standard operating procedures.

As far as the issue of installing jammers in jails is concerned, the relevant department should submit an application with the IT Ministry and this could only be done through a specific procedure. Later the PTA chairman distributed mementos among the speakers.

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